Updates to Google Fit on Wear OS, new features, fresh UI

A few weeks ago Google announced a new update for the Google Fit app on Android and Wear OS. We now have more details on the features and fresh new UI. These were revealed in a blog post by Google.

For starters, the search giant has improved workout tracking on Wear OS. The update will allow you to see all the important metrics with two tiles dedicated to your performance. If you are a fan of listening to tunes while you exercise, a swipe right will transition into music controls.

Updates to Google Fit on Wear OS, new features, fresh UI

Google has also made it easier to keep tabs on your pace while running. You’ll get push alerts after each kilometer or mile, depending on the settings. This will give spit out a comparison with your last split.

Updates to Google Fit on Wear OS, new features, fresh UI

Other than that, the new performance tiles include heart rate zones at the top of the display so you can easily keep an eye on them. Workout metrics can be tweaked to keep an eye on what is important for you. The tiles will let you quickly and easily cycle through all the metrics (Calories, steps, time, Heart Points).

Updates to Google Fit on Wear OS, new features, fresh UI

Workout goals have also received some love. These can be tweaked by tapping on the flag icon at the bottom of the screen. You are able to choose a target distance, calorie count, steps or a Heart Points goal for each workout.

Updates to Google Fit on Wear OS, new features, fresh UI

There are also some nifty new animations to celebrate daily goal notifications for Heart Points and steps. And Google has introduced protection against accidental touches, something that can easily occur at times during workouts. You can activate Touch Lock directly from your workout to prevent this from happening.

But don’t worry, even with that on you’ll be able to use the hardware buttons to pause, resume and switch screens. A long press on the power button will switch off the Touch Lock feature.

The last change worth mentioning is a new Breathe Tile. You can use it to chill out for a set number of minutes. Afterwards the watch will show a summary on how your heart rate changed between the start and end of the session.

Google says for the update to be available, your timepiece must be on the latest system version of Wear OS (H MR2). The changes should start to land on your watch later this week.

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