ThermGo: a tiny thermometer that works as a mobile phone accessory

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The coronovarius pandemic has turned the world upside down over the past year. We’ve all become more health conscious. Pulse oximeters have gained in popularity, as have thermometers.

ThermGo is a portable inexpensive device, that you can plug into your smartphone for taking temperature measurements. It is very small (70x15x25mm, 16 grams) so can fit into a handbag, rucksack and even your pocket. Ideal for on-the-go.

There is no need to recharge or put in batteries. The thing draws its power from any mobile phone or tablet. Simply plug it into the HSB-C port via the Lightning and Micro USB adapters (both included in the box).

You’ve probably seen similar devices on airports and other venues. This is the most hygienic way to take a temperature as it requires no contact with the skin.

ThermGo will provide you with an accurate temperature reading in a few seconds. Plug it into your phone, open the app and take a measurement. The company says the device has been extensively tested for accuracy.

You can use it for anything, even taking the temperature of an animal or an object. For example, for baby care needs, you can use it to quickly check the temperature of food, a drink or bath water.

For objects, the temperature range is between 30 and 50℃. Indoor temperature readings are between 15 and 35℃. This can, of course, be switched around to the Fahrenheit scale.

The accompanying smartphone app has the ability to log and track data for multiple people. The whole family can use it. No internet connection is required for a measurement and all the data is stored locally.

As far as price, the $29 it costs to get one sounds pretty reasonable. Delivery to backers is expected in late February.

Price:$29 and up

Estimated delivery: February 2021
Campaign ends January 31st

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