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CES 2021: Wondercise now tracks both upper & lower body form

Wondercise has announced at CES 2021 a new Multi-Point Motion Match personal training system. In addition to the wristband for tracking upper body movements, the second generation band utilizes a leg strap. As before, all of this is compared to the movements of on-screen trainers in real-time.

In our review a few months ago we found Wondercise works well. It’s an innovative service that allows you to workout from the comfort of your living room. The exercise classes provide a similar experience to what you’d get by visiting your local gym. That is particularly useful now that we are meant to social distance and stay in our homes as much as possible.

Wondercise distinguishes itself from the pack with the quality of its videos and wide selection of workouts. There are more than 300 classes with sessions for all age ranges and across a huge range of disciplines.

Then there is the motion tracking technology. It essentially gamifies the experience and gives you something to strive for.

The company was one of the first to offer this type of service. In fact it predates Apple’s newly announced Fitness+ by a couple of years. And now once again Wondercise is treading new ground. It’s extending its motion matching system to simultaniously monitor the form of both your upper and lower body.

Wondercise Multi-Point System

The second generation Wondercise comes with two trackers in the box. As before one is a wristband, with the addition now of a leg strap. The latter is made from soft, breathable nylon. You’ll also find a two-in-one wireless charger. Use it to power the bands for up to seven days between charges.

The two fitness devices work in conjunction to track your full range of motion. This gives the system a much better understanding of your movements. AI can’t really tell the difference between a squat and lunge by using only a fitness band. Throw in something that attaches to your leg and now it can. This is what Wondercise’s apptly named Multi-Point System is all about.

CES 2021: Wondercise fitness service now tracks both upper & lower body form

The movement, heart rate and cardio burn information is communicated via Bluetooth 5.0 to the smartphone app. You can then follow the points system in the app. This quantifies how close your movements are to that of the trainer on the screen. An even better experience is hooking all this up to your smart TV. That really provides a gym-like experience.

As before, instead of the Wondercise fitness band you can use an Apple Watch or Garmin wearable. This helps to keep the cost down as you don’t need to purchase the complete package.

The Wondercise service requires a monthly subscription that runs at $35.99 per year or $4.99 per month. There’s also a 14 day free-trial if you want to check what it’s all about. The second generation Wondercise is expected to launch in late Q1 2021, with retailers and price revealed in due course.

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