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Huawei patent hints at upcoming mid-range NOVA Watch

Chinese-based tech giant Huawei has filed a new patent which hints at an upcoming timepiece called NOVA Watch.

The name implies this is likely to be a middle of a range range device. The company already has a NOVA product line which includes the Huawei Nova and Huawei Nova Plus. Both are mid-range smartphones that were originally announced at IFA 2016 in Berlin.

These are good products that aim to beat simliarly priced competition in terms of build-quality and looks. More recent additions to the line include the Nova 8 and Nova 8 Pro. Other products include smart speakers and headphones.

There’s even talk the Nova brand might become an independent brand. Something similar to the Honor separation.

NOVA Watch

Talk of a NOVA smartwatch dates back a couple of years. But it’s only now that we’re getting some sort of official confiration.

This comes in the form of a trademark application in China for NOVA Watch. A January 11th filing reveals the product name, but nothing else.

Huawei patent hints at upcoming mid-range NOVA Watch

It is not a surpise the Chinese outfit is looking to increase their presence in the smartwatch space. They’ve been doing rather well lately as indicated by a recent survey from Counterpoint Research. This shows an increase in their  global market share from 10% to 15% (in the year to Q3-2020).

Huawei has even narrowed the gap to Apple slightly. But the Cupertino outfit remains firmly in first place with a 28% share of worldwide smartwatch shipments.

Huawei’s strong performance came on the heels of the release of Huawei Watch Fit and the more high-spec Watch GT2 Pro. Both devices were well received.

The NOVA Watch could be aimed at the youth audience. Something that looks trendy but doesn’t cost on arem and a leg. There is no info yet on a possible launch date but we hope the product will be announced later this year.


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