Google makes a blunder with WearOS customer satisfaction survey

Google has sent out a WearOS customer satisfaction survey earlier today. Problematic color choices have, however, made it practically unreadable.

Some users were not even able to open it. They received the notification on their smartphone. But clicking on it would do nothing apart from opening the Wear OS app.

Then there were those who had a bit more luck. They clicked on the notification and were taken through to the survey. Unfortunately the text color for many was pretty much the same as the background color. This made the survey practically unreadable.

Google makes a blunder with the WearOS customer satisfaction survey

Apparently, the issue appears for those that use dark mode. Switch it off and you’ll be able to read the text just fine. The problematic color choice consists of black text on a dark grey background.

The other solution is to ramp up the screen brightness. This will allow you to read the survey, just.

A few choice comments were posted on Reddit.

“What a perfect example of how Google has mishandled their wearable platform. A notification for a user feedback survey that doesn’t do anything.”

“This picture sums up the enthusiasm the Google team currently shows for WearOS. ;)”

“Well designed, thoroughly tested survey. I hope this is not the same “expert” who is responsible for maintaining Wear OS.”

A few people were able to open and fill out the questionnaire. This prompted them to leave their thoughts on the WearOS platform. The survey also ask participants if they want to participate in a study. That takes them through to a separate Google Form.

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The timing of the survey is interesting. Google and Fitbit have just announced the completion of their merger. We are yet to see how this affects things going forward. Google now has its WearOS system on disposal, along with the Fitbit operating system.

Let’s just hope Google doesn’t conclude that nobody replied to the survey!

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