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Movescount app and Movescount web will close on January 26th

Suunto has announced the transition of its services to the Suunto app will be finalized on January 26th. On that day Movescount app and Movescount web will shut their doors for good.

This is the final stage of the transition which began almost two year ago. From January 26th, the Suunto app is where you will need to go to sync and view your activities. SuuntoLink will be utilized instead of MovesLink2 for software updates.

Why the transition?

Up to now the Finnish-based company offered different mobile applications supporting the same products. Needless to say, this created some unnecessary confusion amongst its user base.

In a bid to streamline its digital services offering, the company has opted to keep the Suunto app but remove the Movescount App from the iOS AppStore and Google PlayStore (along with Movescount web). Customers that have the app installed on their phone can continue using it but only until January 26th. As the move was announced back in 2019, hopefully they will have transferred their data to the Suunto app by now.

Suunto to begin transitioning from Movescount to Suunto app in May
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If you have still not made the transition, you’ll need to act now. Simply download the Suunto app and ensure you have notifications on. You will be able to initiate the transfer of your information directly from the Suunto App.

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The data transfer includes your Moves and the associated exercise data as well as images and tags. It does not include your personal body metrics, routes, POIs, Suunto movies, groups you belong to, events that you are attending, training programs, Suunto Apps and device settings.

Suunto to begin move from Movescount to Suunto app in May

Suunto sent out an email this morning letting its customers know about the exact date of the closure. There’s also a blog piece on its website that goes into more detail. You can check out individual guidance for all watches on that page. The Youtube video below helps to explain the transition.

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