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Huawei patents a new watch with detachable arch shape screen

Huawei has received patent approval for a new watch. Similar to Talkband B6, it comes with an arc body and curved, detachable display. It could be the B7.

The patent was submitted in China on May 22nd last year but it is only a few days ago that it received the go-ahead. The filing assigns it the moniker CN306301963S.

Huawei patents another watch with detachable arch shape screen

The accompanying images provide a good insight into what the timepiece will look like. The device is shown from all angles.

Huawei patents another watch with detachable arch shape screen

The documentation reveals the main purpose of the device will be to provide the time, fitness tracking and communication. On the latter, just like the B6, it can turn into a bluetooth headphone.

The idea is that you want something that will make it easier to take phone calls. Detach a part of the main body of the watch and stick it in your ear. It acts like a headset for a smartphone. This should make it easier to take calls while holding a coffee cup or bag whilst on the move.

Various iterations of the Huawei Talkband have introduced that concept. It has yet to take off in a major way and is seen more as a novelty rather than a must-have feature. We have not seen any other brands jump on the bandwagon.

The Huawei mystery watch has three physical buttons. Two are on the bottom and one is on the right. Presumably, the duo at the bottom releases the bluetooth headset from the holder. The side button aids with the navigation of the touch display.

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Pictures of the underside of the watch shows the optical heart rate sensor. There are no charging pins. Instead you are meant to remove the timepiece and plug the charging cable directly into one side of the body.

Rather than an entirely new device, this could very well be the next iteration of the Talkband. The B6 was released in July so we might get its successor this Summer. If that’s the case, the above pictures may offer us the first glimpse into what Talkband B7 will look like.

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