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Garmin Enduro, ultra-performance multi-sport GPS watch finally revealed

Details on Garmin’s next sports watch have been posted by the company today. Garmin Enduro is described as an “Ultra-performance Multisport GPS Watch” with solar charging. Those who pre-order now can expect to receive it in 5-8 weeks time.

Following lots of leaks and rumors the Garmin Enduro is official as of today. However, pretty much everything was already known as a number of retailers have leaked device details and promotional videos of the device could be found on Vimeo and Youtube.

Garmin has already released one smartwatch in 2021. It is called Lily and it is the companies first female-centric watch. We know the 955 and possibly 955 LTE should land later this year, and possibly the next watch in the Fenix range. But before we see those, there’s another Garmin first.

Garmin Enduro – technical specs

Garmin Enduro is a smartwatch similar to devices in the Garmin Fenix 6 Solar range. The timepiece has a lightweight design that is at the same time quite rugged to protect against the elements. Enduro is meant to endure, hence the name in case you were wondering.

As far as design, Enduro comes packing an always-on 1.4” display. This is accompanied by a steel or DLC-coated titanium bezel, buttons and rear case. All of this is attached to a lightweight elastic nylon hook and loop strap.

The actual dimensions are 5.1 x 5.1 x 1.49cm and the weight is 72 grams for the steel version and 58 grams for the titanium version. 6X comes with those same dimensions. 

Enduro takes across most of what you already get with the Fenix 6 range. The advanced training features also include something called Trail Run Vo2Max and Climb Pro. The latter provides information on climbs, descents and flats.

Garmin Enduro, info on ultra-performance multi-sport GPS watch revealed
Image source: Garmin

As far as the Trail Run Vo2 max, it is a slightly tweaked version of Garmin’s VO2 max. It tracks your cardiovascular fitness level and adjusts based on trail conditions.

There’s also an ultra-run rest timer. This allows you to log your time spent at aid stations.

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Other than that you get the usuals. The enhanced recovery timer and workout suggestions have made their way to a Garmin watch once again. Workout recommendations based on your sleep and wellness data are there, as well. The listing mentions multi-GNSS support and a barometric altimeter and compass.

Battery life is great

We saw the debut of Garmin’s solar charging technology on the Fenix range. Some consider it more of a gimmick rather than something they would see as a strong selling point. Nevertheless Enduro comes with the same Power Glass solar charging lens. This soaks the sun’s rays to give you a bit more running time.

Garmin Enduro, info on ultra-performance multi-sport GPS watch revealed
Image source: Garmin

You can expect to squeeze around 70 hours between charges, and that’s with GPS switched on. Switch solar on and this climbs to 80 hours. There are customizable power management modes which allow you to toggle sensors on and off to extend this figure. Some 300 hours are available in Max Battery GPS Mode.

In smartwatch mode you can expect to get up to 65 days. There’s also a Battery Saver Watch Mode which runs a maximum of one year between charges. This is with all-day wear, 3 hours per day outside in 50,000 lux conditions.

However, Garmin has cut some corners

Basically, Enduro is a stripped down Fenix 6X with better battery life. What’s missing is a sapphire screen, there is no built-in storage for music, there are no maps, no wifi, no preloaded golf courses.


Garmin Enduro
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What’s more, the storage space is a mere 64MB, much less than the 6X’s 32GB. That’s a huge difference. Also, there is no mention of a more accurate GPS chip or improved optical heart rate sensor.

This is a watch specifically made for multi-day ultra-marathoners. They will love the battery life but not some of the above omissions such as the lack of maps and music. The former is a bit of a puzzle considering many ultrarunners run on trails and sometimes use maps to navigate.

Garmin Enduro – price and release date

The titanium version of Garmin Enduro starts at $899.99. The steel iteration of the watch runs $100 less. Both can be ordered from Amazon with delivery in 5-8 weeks time.

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