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Mobvoi introduces TicWatch Pro S with more storage & features

Mobvoi has announced today the TicWatch Pro S. This is essentially the 2021 version of the TicWatch Pro 2020.

TicWatch Pro S vs TicWatch Pro 2020

Apart from the naming convention, some other things have changed. The new TicWatch comes with more storage space and software upgrades over the TicWatch Pro 2020 variant. Now you get 8GB ROM instead of 4GB, so more space to download apps and listen to tunes offline.

The other hardware upgrade according to the press release is water-proofing. However, looking through the specs we can’t really see any difference. Both the TicWatch S and TicWatch Pro 2020 come with the IP68 water and dust-proof rating. Interestingly, Mobvoi mentions on its website that the new device is “pool-swimming suitable”.

Mobvoi introduces TicWatch Pro S with more storage & features
Image source: Mobvoi

The other enhancements are software based and they aim to improve fitness, sleep and health tracking. To this end, TicWatch Pro S comes with TicExercise 3.0 and TicSleep 2.0.

The first lets you choose from 13 exercise modes. This is combined with GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, speed & cadence monitor and more. There’s also a new running lap counter, user interface tweaks, VO2 Max and Heart Rate Range Indicator.

TicSleep 2.0 enables more data and analytics than previously. This includes weekly sleep reports, along with comprehensive sleep insights.

Finally, TicWatch Pro S also introduces some more apps. Namely TicBreathe for breathing exercises and TicHearing to let you know if the environmental noise is too loud. The duo was previously only available on the TicWatch Pro 3.

Here are the full specs according to the press release.

Mobvoi introduces TicWatch Pro S with more storage & features

TicWatch Pro S vs TicWatch Pro 3

The bad news is that the watch comes with the aging Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. Compare that to the TicWatch Pro 3 which has the two generations newer Snapdragon Wear 4100. Performance on the latter is going to be much better and it is more likely to get future software and operating system updates. One would have expected TicWatch Pro S to at least get the 3100.

The Pro 3 also has other things in its favor. More comprehensive features, additional memory, longer battery life, a blood oxygen sensor, better build and more. Couple that with the price difference of only around $40 between the two, and our recommendation is clearly TicWatch Pro 3.

TicWatch Pro S can now be pre-ordered on the US and UK Mobvoi site for $259.99. As mentioned, you can pick up TicWatch Pro S for just slightly more on Amazon (check price).

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