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A new Honor watch & fitness band to arrive soon according to FCC listing

An Honor-branded smartwatch and fitness band should arrive in the near future. Both have already received the stamp of approval from the Federal Communications Commision (FCC).

The last two wearables from the outfit came in the form of Watch ES and Watch GT Pro. The duo was launched at IFA Berlin, last year. That was the first time the massive European gathering adopted a mostly virtual format.

Watch ES is a lightweight, sporty-looking timepiece. It’s distinguishing feature is the large elongated display. The price is nice, the caveat being that there is no built-in GPS, barometer or storage for music. In our review we were impressed with the decent fitness and sleep tracking stats, along with excellent battery life .

Watch GS Pro is an entirely different sort of animal. This is a rugged, all-round device that comes with plenty of sensors, GPS and other bells and whistles. It is rather bulky though so probably not suitable for women and those with small wrists.

Two new FCC registrations

Pretty soon we will get two more Honor wearables. As detailed in the FCC listings from March 3rd, it’s quite obvious these are a smartwatch and fitness band. The first goes by the name Honor Smart Watch and moniker HES-B39, the second Honor Smart Band CRS-B39S. These are probably just references for the FCC documentation and not the final name.

It will be interesting to see how these two wearables pan out, particularly considering that Honor was sold by Huawei in November 2020. To remind, Honor was established as the tech giant’s spin-off brand a number of years back. One of the differences between the two was that it undercut the price of Huawei’s products whilst offering similar quality. It did this in part by only selling on-line.

In the past, Honor borrowed a lot in terms of tech from Huawei. For example, the above mentioned Watch ES and Watch GT Pro closely resemble the Huawei Watch Fit and GT2 Pro.

But we will have to wait a bit longer to learn what Honor has in store. As usual, not much can be deduced from the FCC paperwork. There’s the type of wearable along with battery info. The watch will have a 180mAh battery, the fitness band a 100mAh battery. Our thought was that perhaps the band was the $35 Honor Band 6 announced at CES 2021. However the battery capacity of Smart Band is considerably lower so this is probably an entirely new wearable.

The FCC documentation states that the samples in question are production models of the smartwatches. This is another indicator the launch date could be just around the corner.

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