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Polar FlowSync for macOS Big Sur is finally available

Polar users with Big Sur on their Macs will be happy to know they can now sync with FlowSync. Version 4 for the Mac OS is ready to download and install.

The latest version of the Mac operating system was announced in June last year and made available in November. This is the 17th iteration of the software in case you were wondering. In 2020 a slew of updates were introduced along with the usual user interface re-design.

Many Polar device owners could not wait to install it. But this came at a price. The company’s FlowSync data transfer software was not compatible with macOS Big Sur.

Which meant they couldn’t sync their Polar product on a Mac on the latest version of the operating system. Which is a problem for those that prefer to synchronize their fitness tracker’s data to their web-based account instead of a mobile device. This is a manual sync process which requires users to connect their Polar device to a computer via the cable.

However, since the introduction of macOS Big Sur, if they tried to do this they would be greeted with the message “No Internet Connection”. Which means the only option to sync for those users was with the iOS/Android Polar Flow app.

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This has now changed. Polar has released FlowSync 4 for Mac OS. It’s about time considering the Mac operating system has been out for some four months now!

If you have version 3 installed on your machine, you should get a prompt to update. However those with macOS Big Sur will not have this. So they will need to download and install the update manually.

The installation files can be found on this link. Download the file, start it and follow the instructions to install the software. Early reports are the software works just fine.

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