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Garmin drops three new GPS-enabled watches for golfers

Garmin has unveiled today three new wearables for golfers all of which pack built-in GPS. They include the Approach S42, Approach S12 and Approach G12.

The trio shares some functionality. This includes over 42,000 preloaded courses from around the globe so you are ready to hit the green wherever you are. The watches are compatible with Garmin’s Approach CT10 club tracking sensor and connect to the Garmin golf app.

The built-in GPS allows for some other common features. Players will get accurate yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green, hazards, doglegs, layups and more. There’s also a useful Green View that shows the green’s actual shape and for more precise yardage calculations.

Here is where the watches differ.

Garmin Approach S42

Garmin drops three new GPS-enabled watches for golfers
Image source: Garmin

The $299 S42 is the snazziest looking of the three. It comes with a nice 1.2 inch colour touchscreen. This makes it really stand out from the other variants which only have a monochrome display.

You can use the S42 as a regular sports watch or for golfing. The quick release mechanism means the bands can be easily swapped to make the timepiece fit any occasion.

To help you with your game the S42 has an AutoShot round analyser that tracks and auto-records shot distances. When you’re not on the course keep it on for comprehensive activity and sleep stats, exercise monitoring and move reminders. To keep you connected at all times, there are also smartphone notifications and vibration alerts.

Battery life is very decent. Between charges, the S42 is good for up to 10 days in smartwatch mode and 15 hours with GPS switched on.

Garmin Approach S12

Garmin drops three new GPS-enabled watches for golfers
Image source: Garmin

This is a cheaper version which sacrifices some of the premium build quality of the S12. As mentioned, there’s no colour display but to make up for the $199 S12 comes with a larger 1.3 inch screen.

That should make it easily readable in all conditions. If not you can transition into something Garmin calls the “Big Numbers display mode”.

The stripped back design means battery life is better. You’ll be able to squeeze around 30 hours between charges in GPS mode. That’s double what you get on S42. If longer battery life is important to you, this is the one to choose.

Garmin Approach G12 GPS golf rangefinder

Garmin drops three new GPS-enabled watches for golfers
Image source: Garmin

Last but not least is something for those that don’t want a golfers watch on their wrist. The $149 G12 is pretty much the same as the S12 when it comes to features. So a 1.3 inch high-res monochrome display, along with a thin and compact design and 30 hour battery life in GPS mode.

Where the device differs is in the way you are meant to wear it. The G12 comes with a clip that attaches to your belt. A lanyard loop is also here to make sure the whole thing is securely attached.

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