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MyZone MZ-Switch is an interchangeable PPG & ECG heart rate monitor

The MyZone MZ-Switch is a heart rate monitor with dual-sensor technology to track your ticker from your chest, arm or wrist.

According to the MyZone website, the PPG tracks low-intensity activity and it does this with 95% accuracy on the wrist or arm. That’s what you get with normal smartwatches. Wearing the device on these locations is recommended if you’re running, swimming or doing other exercises with repetitive arm movements. There’s a small button on the side which needs to be pressed to activate the optical reading.

The ECG sensor monitors with 99.4% accuracy and automatically kicks in when you wrap the device around your chest. That’s high accuracy on par with medical equipment that health professionals use.

You will want to use this mode for more intense activities such as HIIT. The only exercise that you can’t use this mode for is swimming.

The combination of both sensors is good news for users as it means the data is of better quality than just using the typical PPG sensor. This type of versatility is where MZ Switch gets its name.

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Another innovation is the fact that MZ-Switch can be worn on your wrist, arm or chest. There are lots  of heart rate monitors out there then can just be worn from the chest, a few that can also be placed on the arm. But there are none that in addition to those two locations, include the wrist as a third option.

MyZone MZ-Switch is an interchangeable PPG & ECG heart rate monitor
Image source: MyZone

There’s no screen on the device, heart rate monitors don’t have them. But there is a LED indicator display that shines in one of five colours when worn on the wrist. That way you will know what heart rate zone you are in without reaching for your phone.

MyZone also has a points system that awards you for your efforts. Wear the device and collect something called Myzone Effort Points (MEP). These are awarded for general physical activity where you get your heart rate going. It tallies with the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Physical Activity.

Other specs include both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity. There’s compatibility with cardio machines and watches from Apple, Samsung or Garmin. Plus you can sync the stats up with third-party apps such as MapMyRun, Strava and MyFitnessPal.

MyZone MZ-Switch is an interchangeable PPG & ECG heart rate monitor

Up to 36 hours of exercise data can be stored on the device itself. Battery life is between 3 and 6 months, depending on use. When worn on the wrist you can expect to get around 35 hours which is no more than what you’d get from many watches. Chest use is much less power hungry.

The Myzone MZ-Switch can be purchased from the company’s website. The $159.99 price also includes a storage pouch to keep all the gear in.

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