ArcX: Control playlists, take split times and more with a ring

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ArcX acts like a remote control for your smartphone. It allows you to focus on your exercise, not on your screen.

It is safe to say the smart ring marketplace is still in its infancy. Which is rather odd considering how littered the wearable tech space is. Some fitness trackers and smartwatches are on their sixth or seventh generation, yet there are only a few players in the connected ring arena.

We are yet to see a big brand enter this space but when they do it is bound to shake things up a bit. Currently the choice comes down to the sleep tracking Ōura, oxygen tracking Wellue O2Ring and a handful of other options. Pretty soon we’ll be able to add one more device to this list.

The ArcX is a connected ring designed to allow you to exercise without distractions. Designed specifically for sport and fitness, it lets you to control smartphone playlists (play, pause, skip track forward or back), accept incoming calls, and there’s a press and hold SOS function. In addition to calling emergency services, this last function sends an SMS with a link to your location requesting help.

The ring is not really designed for a night out or office setting as you can tell from the pictures. But the medical-grade silicone rubber design ensures it is robust and water-proof (IP66 rated). There’s a small five-directional joystick onboard which you use the trigger individual smartphone functions. This is coupled with two color LED indicators.

You choose from one of a number of modes: playlist mode, stopwatch mode and call mode. Furthermore, you can customize your own mode via the accompanying smartphone app. Any device with a permitted Bluetooth connection can be controlled. The joystick-like design ensures one handed operation.

And while it is not the prettiest, ArcX is very functional. It allows you to exercise with your phone tucked safely away in your pocket or backpack. Ideal for running, cycling, skiing, swimming, hiking. You get the idea.

The ring comes in a choice between cobalt, fire and graphite color options. In the box are four stretch fit outer rings. Pick the appropriate size and insert the tech module in. There’s also an option to attach the thing to a handlebar, kayak paddle or other equipment via a strap mount.

With 17 days to go the product has raised over $35,000 on Kickstarter. If all goes well with production, a pledge of around $70 will have one of these delivered to your doorstep in July.

Price:$69 and up

Raised: $35,650 of $29,174 goal

Estimated delivery: July 2021
17 days to go

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