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Fitbit opens pre-orders for Luxe gorjana designer collection

Add some style to the fitness tracker on your wrist. Fitbit has opened today pre-orders for the Luxe gorjana designer collection. The announcement has been timed to coincide with Mother’s Day in the US which falls on May 9th.

The San Francisco-based wearables manufacturer is adding some shine to its fitness tracker range. Luxe was announced a couple of weeks ago. Even without the fancy gorjana designer styling, this is by far the best looking tracker from Fitbit. The specs are not too shabby, either.

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Fitbit opens pre-orders for Luxe gorjana designer collection
Image source: Fitbit

Luxe comes full to the brim with fitness tracking and health functionality. This includes typical steps/distance/sleep, support for 20 sports modes, along with oxygen saturation monitoring, stress management tools and more.

The novelty is that all of this is packed into a slim and attractive design. You are able to follow your progress and read smartphone notifications on a beautiful AMOLED touchscreen display. The swim-proof fitness device is good for about 5 days on a single charge which is pretty decent for something this size with a quality screen.

Luxe is a unisex device but the new gorjana collection is designed purely for women. It dresses up your tracker so that it looks like a dazzling jewelry piece. A gift for Mother’s Day perhaps, or your significant other.

Fitbit opens pre-orders for Luxe gorjana designer collection
Parker Links Bracelet | Image source: Fitbit

There is a Parker Links Bracelet collection which comes in a soft gold stainless steel and platinum stainless steel option. The line is available for pre-order from today on Fitbit’s website for $99. The orders should ship in mid-June.

Mind you, this is the price for the bracelet. You’ll still need to fork out the $150 needed to purchase the actual Luxe tracker which houses the smarts.

Having said this, there are cheaper designer options. This includes the Luxe Stainless Steel Mesh ($79.95), Luxe Woven bands ($34.95), Luxe Premium Horween Leather Double Wrap ($49.95) and Luxe Classic Band ($29.95). Plenty of choice to make Fitbit Luxe fit your particular style.

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