Titanium Elektron: a smartwatch you never need to charge

Pavlok 2: break bad habits and reduce cravings with electricityAs good as the Apple Watch is, there is one very annoying thing about it. You need to charge it every other day. Noone enjoys hassling around with cables and wondering when the device on their wrist will run out of power. Because when it does, it’s a useless piece of metal sitting pointlessly on their wrist. But what if you had a smartwatch that never needs to be charged?

A team from Basel Switzerland has set out to create one. Titanium Elektron is a smartwatch powered by gravity. It is not the first of its kind or the first one from Sequent, but it is a new and improved version.

So what does it mean when we say it never needs to be charged? Sequent have figured out how to convert your motion (kinetik energy) into electricity. This is a green charging solution which gives you total autonomy.

As long as you regularly wear the timepiece, it will keep on going. There’s an oscillating weight inside which kicks in when you move to trigger the self-charging technology. And once the internal cell is full, the watch is good for more than a year of standby time! You can check the current state of the battery via a charger dial that is always visible on the display.

Further more, something called Swiss Super-LumiNova is applied on the transparent dials and hands. This has the ability to store sunlight and artificial light inside the pigment, providing long glow in the dark performance for the always-on display.

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Beyond that, Titanium Elektron is a decent 24/7 fitness companion. It keeps tabs on your activity, sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen and more. The watch even has the ability to tap into your smartphone GPS for more precise tracking of outdoor exercise.

There’s no fancy health monitoring but Titanium Elektron does cover all the basics. Owners of the device can sync their stats with the Oxygen app for insights into trends.

Of course, there is cutting-edge technology which is what you’d expect from a Swiss watch. The mechanical parts have a precision that is 10x more precise than a certified Swiss Chronometer. The movements are free of friction so produce no noise.

The build is of no less quality and cosists of only 8 parts, no gears or screws. Titanium Elektron is made of Grade 2 titanium which makes the 5 АТМ rated device super lightweight (55 grams). The display is protected with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal which is considered to be one of the hardest substances around. Everything is hand assembled and put in place in a factory in Switzerland. As the pictures show, the device looks beautiful.

You have 4 days if you want in on the Kickstarter campaign. It has raised a very solid £670,584, many times over the £17,000 goal. There are a couple of options to choose from including one with a heart rate monitor and one without, plus a NASA themed edition. Once the campaign is concluded you’ll be able to choose dial, band and case finish options.

Crowdfunded projects can be a risk, but we would consider this one is less so than others. It is Sequent’s third time on the platform, plus they are offering a 5 year guarantee to all purchasers.

Price:£253 and up

Raised:£670,584 of £17,256 goal

Estimated delivery: November 2021
4 days to go

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