Latest renders show Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 from all angles

Not much has been left to imagination as far as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. We know have some renders which show the upcoming device from all angles.

This bunch comes from 91mobiles and they are very similar to renders leaked a few days ago. Of course, there’s no official confirmation from Samsung that any of these are an accurate representation of the real thing. But as we’ve had a few leaks all pointing to the same design – they should give a good idea of what Galaxy Watch 4 will look like.

The renders

The renders show a sleek looking device, very much along the lines of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. But Samsung is dropping the ‘Active’ monkey for its next watch. This will be the Galaxy Watch 4.

Latest renders show Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 from all angles

As shown in the pics, the timepiece comes with a circular design reminiscent of the rest of the series. There is no rotating bezel on this one but you do get two flattened physical buttons on the right to help navigate the menus.

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There will be two sizes, a 40mm and a 44mm. These will come with MIL-STD 810G durability and a 5 ATM water-resistance rating. No word yet on sensors that will be buried underneath, apart from the built-in GPS. We expect pretty much the same sensors as Watch Active 2, but upgraded with new tech.

Latest renders show Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 from all angles

Having said that, there has been word the watch might be getting a BIA sensor. In English, this is a body composition sensor similar to the one you can find on smart scales.

We’re not sure how precise this can be considering it takes measurements from the wrist. But the hope is it will be able to let you know if all that exercise you are doing is helping you shed some fat.

It will be interesting to see how all this works with the new operating system. The watch is expected to run on the new Wear OS which is essentially an amalgamation of Google Wear OS, Tizen and the Fitbit operating system.

Latest renders show Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 from all angles

Galaxy Watch 4 – release date

The actual launch date is not too far off now. We are expecting the Galaxy Watch 4 to land on June 28th at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This will be a combination of a real world and virtual event. Samsung has opted for the latter option and will be hosting a live product launch stream on Youtube.

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