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Withings to add two Rose Gold variants of Scanwatch

The Withings Scanwatch will soon be available in two beautiful rose gold variants. One will have a white watch-face the other will come with a blue one.

Up to now, one of the best hybrids around has only been available in a gray stainless steel (316L) case with either a black or white watch-face. But the French outfit has posted pictures on its website of the additional options earlier today.

These are not available for purchase just yet. but you can add your name to the list to be first in line when they are made available. It probably won’t be to long.

Withings launches two Rose Gold variants of Scanwatch
Image source: Withings

The only difference between these variants and the original are in design. The functionality and powerful health features are exactly the same.

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We reviewed Scanwatch last year and walked away suitably impressed. If you’re after something that looks traditional but has the lastest connected tech inside, it doesn’t get much better.

The device tracks all your vital stats quietly in the background 24/7. It is stylish, discreet, sturdy and unisex in design. The new rose gold variants might be particularly attractive to women.

On top of this you get some advanced health features such as on-demand ECG, irregular beat detection, respiratory monitoring and blood oxygen tracking. We also liked the awesome 30 day battery life.

The only features that are missing are built-in GPS (in favour of Connected GPS) and the ability to pair to an external heart rate strap. But unless you are a hard-core runner, you probably won’t miss these. If you are, we suggest going for a sportswatch instead.

No word yet on Withings Scanwatch US availability. You can purchase the timepiece in Europe and some other countries, but the French outfit is still waiting for the nod of approval from the FDA.

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