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Amazfit’s new earbuds come with comprehensive health monitoring

Amazfit has launched today a new pair of earbuds – the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro. They come with heart rate, posture tracking and tech to protect your hearing health.

The company has released a press release. We knew the buds were coming as they passed through the FCC about two weeks ago so have secured ahead of time all the necessary regulatory approval to launch in the US.

Amazfit’s new earbuds come with comprehensive health monitoring
Image source: Amazfit

Amazfit Powerbuds Pro – technical specs

The PowerBuds Pro are not Amazfit’s first set of earbuds. PowerBuds have been on the market for over a year now. They come with a comprehensive set of features which includes an integrated heart rate PPG sensor. The Pro version builds on this by expanding the health monitoring functionality.

The PPG heart rate sensor is still there. It is a little known fact that the ear is actually a very good location to be tracking that sort of thing. The sensor springs to life during exercise, with notifications for workout status and high heart rate. Alert thresholds for this, along with pace, time and other exercise data can be set in the app. A tap on an earbud lets you know the current heart rate.

Post-workout, everything syncs over to the Zepp smartphone application. You do need to enable it the first time around by going to Profile>Workout Settings>Activity heart rate sharing. This lets the app know it should communicate and sync fitness information with the buds.

The novelty with the Pro version is that it comes with the ability to monitor your posture. According to the press release, this is done by tracking the position of your head in relation to your cervical spine by using a built-in accelerometer. The smartphone app follows trends and provides feedback and insights aimed to help you improve your posture.

Other health functionality that is new includes alerts if the volume and your listening habits endanger your hearing. This is in accordance with the World Health Organization’s hearing protection standards.

Moreover, the buds will also nudge you to move by playing rhythms if you’ve been sitting around for too long. Plus they can intelligently recognize when running starts.

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As you’d expect, the excellent sound quality of the non-pro version is still be there. This is coupled with noise reduction of up to 40dB (and multiple listening modes that can be switched on). Each bud has three microphones, and call quality is enhanced by an AI call noise-reduction algorithm.

The predecessor version can keep going for 8 hours on a single charge. This climbs to 24 hours with the charging case. The Pro manages to improve on this. It is good for 9 hours on a single charge, which can stretch to 30 hours with the case.

Amazfit Powerbuds Pro – price, release date

The original Amazfit PowerBuds come with excellent customer reviews on Amazon. They retail for around $80 on the Amazfit website, which is pretty competitive as the buds offer a few more features than the other competitors in the same tier.

The Pro version comes in at $150. The official release date in the US is set for July 13th.

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