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Xiaomi Mi Band 6’s new flashlight feature helps you see in the dark

A firmware update that is currently rolling out is adding a useful flashlight feature to Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

This is functionality that is often available on smartwatches, but rarely on fitness bands. It lights up the screen display in a bright white colour, illuminating the immediate space around you. So it is not exactly a torch as the light effect is not drastic, but it does help you see better in the dark.

This is probably not something that you would use too often but it is a nice-to-have. For example, the flashlight might come in handy if you are rummaging around for the keys to unlock your door late at night. Or perhaps as the first port of call in the case of an electricity failure.

Such a feature would have probably been absolutely useless with the previous iterations of the band. It is because Mi Band 6 has a massive 1.56 inch AMOLED versus the 1.1 inch display of its predecessor and even smaller of earlier versions. There are other upgrades, too, such as an SpO2 sensor and more sports modes.

The software refresh is dubbed v1.0.4.38. and is currently rolling out to a number of countries including the UK. Availability in the US and remaining countries where the tracker is available is expected in the coming days. Before updating it is a good idea to check that you are running the latest version (5.3) of the Mi Fit app. You should check this before doing any update.

The flashlight feature is one of a number of Mi Band 6 updates that we have seen recently. In May Xiaomi improved sleep tracking by slapping on breath monitoring. That version of the software also added functionality that allows you to reply to text messages directly from the tracker.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has been a best seller since its launch. The company continues to improve its product with each passing year making it an excellent choice for those after a budget activity tracker.

How to access the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 flashlight feature

Once you have updated the feature some customisation needs to be done. This is so that you can switch on the flashlight easily.

  • Open the Settings page on the tracker
  • From the menu, choose Display settings. This allows you to customise the menu options on the tracker.
  • Find the Torch app.
  • Put it in the menu as per your preferences

The other way to do this is via quick access. It is an option that allows you to activate the flashlight more quickly. For those not in the know, these are the pages you can see if you swipe left or right from the home screen.

  • Open the Settings page on the tracker
  • Choose Quick access settings
  • From the menu, choose Display settings. This allows you to customise the menu options on the tracker.
  • Find the Torch app.
  • Put it in the menu as per your preferences

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