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BlazePod software update brings Athlete Performance tests

The already excellent BlazePod app has received a number of useful improvements including Athlete Performance Tests, the ability to save videos and share your score.

What is BlazePod?

For those not in the know, BlazePod is a unique Flash Reflex Training system. It is not a one of a kind but it is probably the most cost effective such product.

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The idea of the whole thing is to offer you a simple and adaptable training system. You can choose from an enormous list of activities in the accompanying smartphone app or design your own.

The system consists of a number of touch-enabled pods with lights that you use to exercise with. They come with various attachments which allow you to secure them to mirrors, doors and more. Or simply use the pods without any extra gear.

The beauty of the whole thing is that it never gets dull as there are an infinite number of ways to exercise. Often, a few minutes is all it takes to push yourself to the limit. You can check out how we exercised with Blazepod in our full review. Or have a look through the BlazePod website.

The company has been busy in recent months working on some software updates. These are available now and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Athlete Performance tests

The most important add-on is something called Athlete Performance tests. This lets you test yourself or your clients and athletes in a number of different ways.

Blazepod software update brings Athlete Performance tests Blazepod software update brings Athlete Performance tests

There are broad groups of tests:

  • BlazePod Level tests: these are designed to push the athlete to their limit by getting progressively harder the longer the test runs. Test results are shown in real-time as the person is performing the exercise.
  • BlazePod Short Burst tests: these help you determine where you are progressing and where you need to improve. Once again everything is shown in the app as the exercise is being done. After the test you’ll be able to see how the time compares against your previous time and personal best. Everything is captured, down to the millisecond. You’ll also be shown the different movement patterns it takes to get the best result possible.

 Blazepod software update brings Athlete Performance tests Blazepod software update brings Athlete Performance tests

For any chosen test you’ll see a demonstration video and setup directly in the app. The objective can also be seen followed by a description of the test and other info.

Blazepod software update brings Athlete Performance tests Blazepod software update brings Athlete Performance tests

As mentioned, the Athlete Performance tests can also be a good way to monitor your clients and athletes progress. The app allows you to manage multiple people, save their results and analyse progress.

Other improvements

Another upgrade that arrives with the new version of the app is the ability to save videos. Previously you were only able to capture photos of your training session so this has now been expanded. The feature will help you better document and remember details of the activities you have created in the past.

Finally, the app will also now let you share your results. An all new share option has been added for activities, test results, progression, scores and competition results.

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