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Spotify starts rollout of Wear OS app download feature

The latest update enables Spotify Wear OS app to work without your phone. It means you can finally download content to your smartwatch and listen to tunes without an internet connection.

In July the music streaming company added download functionality for Apple Watch users. This month it is doing the same for Wear OS device owners. This is great news for those that like to listen to tunes while exercising outdoors, and wish to leave their phone behind.

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The update was originally announced at the start of this month. Spotify said at the time the new app will bring small UI enhancements along with the ability to download tunes for offline use.

In the coming weeks, Spotify users will be able to play their favorite playlists, albums, and podcasts with their smartwatches that run Wear OS. By having Spotify on your wrist, you’re more free to run, dance, shop, cook, and socialize—and control your music and podcasts at the same time. Plus, we’re excited to unveil one of the most requested features by our users: the ability to download all of your favorite music and podcasts to your smartwatch.

As reported by a multitude users, over the past day or so many people have started to see the new software. The upgraded version works on all Wear OS 2 or newer devices, including Fossil, Suunto, Mobvoi and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The official Spotify blog post says that both Free and Premium users can download podcasts to their smartwatch. But that only premium users will be able to download songs for offline listening.

Downloading couldn’t be simpler. Find the content you want to download in the Spotify smartphone app. Then choose the option to “download to watch”. You’ll notice a small green arrow next to the playlists, albums and podcasts you have successfully downloaded.

Some of the early comments on Reddit do not sound too encouraging. The most common issue is that listening to music can cause overheating and smartwatch battery drain. A few have reported they’ve experienced sound stuttering. Hopefully these issues are not widespread.

Spotify has opted for a gradual rollout which seems to be country based. So if you’re not seeing the new version using a VPN to simulate a connection from another country should work. Or just wait until the update hits your region. Users have also reported that force stopping the Spotify app and launching it again can force the update.

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