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NURVV smart insoles get running power to help you pace perfectly

NURVV has created the first tech that uses biomechanical sensors to accurately measure running power. This is similar to how cyclists use power meters to measure power output.

We’ve seen this type of tech already in some wrist watches and a lightweight shoe-clip called Stryd. But NURVV’s solution is different in that it relies on 32 sensors at the point-of-action underneath the foot. These capture more than 1,000 hertz of data per sensor per second which should ensure much better accuracy that other solutions.

Running power is a training metric expressed in Watts that has been gaining in popularity in recent years. It estimates how much energy you are expanding during a workout. The benefit is that it takes into account many things. This includes the speed that you are travelling at, the terrain change, form and fatigue. In that sense it is a great alternative to keeping tabs on your heart rate, cadence and other running metrics. You just follow a single, targeted number.

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For those not in the know NURVV Run are smart insoles. In our review last year we write that this is probably the coolest running tech we ever tried out. The smart insoles are lightweight and durable – you really don’t feel them at all. The whole system is very easy to use and you can connect it to your Garmin or Apple Watch. Or simply use the insoles on their own or with the smartphone app.

There’s a plethora of data available after the run and they’re not what you typically get from a sports watch. You’ll get info on your running technique, such as pronation and foot-strike, along with a Running Health Score and insights. It is the type of data you only get in costly athletic laboratories.

NURVV Running Power

From now we can add running power to the list of metrics tracked by NURVV. For indoor runs you’ll have access to a live Power Dial in the smartphone app. This shows the power zone you are currently working in – very similar if you were looking at your heart rate zone.

For runs performed without a heart rate monitor, information on Power Zones is delivered via audio cues. That way you’ll know at each point during the workout which zone you are in. Those with an Apple Watch can benefit from Power Dial information on their wrist.

NURVV smart insoles get running power so

Post run you’ll find the Running Power Form Report in the smartphone app. This provides info on how your running power has varied for a particular activity. It comes with a circular chart that shows a breakdown of power by zone. There’s also a line graph illustrating how the metric has changed during the run, along with info on Power per split, Power Zones, and Elevation profile and more.

NURVV smart insoles get running power to help you pace perfectlyNURVV smart insoles get running power to help you pace perfectly

Moving on and we come to something called a Power Test. This is a 10 minute, intense workout that can be used to determine your Threshold Power.

The metric is important as a target – it shows the power that you can maintain for 45-60 minutes of running. Following your Threshold Power and doing this test from time to time can be a good way to check in on your progress.

NURVV smart insoles get running power to help you pace perfectlyNURVV smart insoles get running power to help you pace perfectlyNURVV smart insoles get running power to help you pace perfectly

Finally, you also have the option of using a Power Workout. It allows you to create any type of workout and define Power Zones to run during each section. Once again you get audio and visual cues to help you stay in the correct zone and analysis post-run that identify areas for improvement.

NURVV have done an excellent job with their new running power meter functionality. Rather than simply slapping on a new metric, they’ve created a whole ecosystem around it. It makes this unique running insole an even better running companion, allowing users to exert more control over the intensity of their training.

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