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Fitbit Luxe firmware update slaps on SpO2 tracking, always-on display

The latest firmware update for Fitbit Luxe has finally added the much-anticipated SpO2 tracking, along with an always-on display option. The software refresh has started rolling out today.

It has been about 5 months since Fitbit Luxe was launched. The device comes with a premium body and packs some great fitness tracking functionality into something that doesn’t look too shabby on your wrist.

However, one of the advertised features has been missing – blood oxygen tracking. Since June Fitbit has been saying it is “coming soon”. The feature has been available for a while now on many other Fitbit devices, including the latest Charge and Versa devices, as well as Sense.

New firmware update adds blood oxygen, always-on display, bigger font

Well, that day has arrived. Firmware that goes under the number 1.151.16 slaps on blood oxygen saturation tracking while you sleep for Fitbit Luxe. It’s about time!

There is nothing for you to do apart from downloading and installing the new software. You should get a message in the smartphone app that the update is available. This is most likely a gradual rollout so it may take a few days to reach everyone.

There are a few other changes, as well, as part of this software refresh. Users are now able to keep the clock on the watch-face visible at all times, courtesy of an always-on display setting. Mind you, this will adversely effect the device’s battery life. It will require more frequent charging. The clock face is dimmer when you wake your Fitbit but it retains the colors. When it is fully awake the face gets brighter.

The functionality can be switched on by opening Quick Settings. Simply swipe down from the clock face to access this. Choose the Settings app and then Display Settings. You’ll see an Always-on display option. This allows you to turn the setting on or off. You can also choose the switch off the display automatically during certain hours – for example when you are sleeping. This is done by tapping Off-hours.

The only other change apart from the usual squashing of bugs, as part of this firmware update, is a change in font size. This has been increased slightly for easier viewing on your tracker’s display.

Luxe is one of the most attractive Fitbits to date. It is ideal for those that want something discreet on their wrist that packs useful health and fitness features. The SpO2 measurements are a welcome addition – it has been a frustration to many owners that it has taken this long to enable. You can pick up the watch for around $150 on Fitbit’s website (check price on Amazon).

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