Mobvoi unveils TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS, 4G LTE version to follow soon

Mobvoi has made official today TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS. The device comes with a more robust build, faster speed and better performance over the original. The company says a 4G LTE version will follow in November.

TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS – a more rugged version of the watch

The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS was released about a year ago. This is the company’s first timepiece to pack the Qualcomm 4100 platform. The fast chip is coupled with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. Various upgrades to the watch include the addition of a blood oxygen sensor and an upgraded heart rate sensor.

As previously, TicWatch Pro 3 GPS has a layer display, a 1.4 inch Retina AMOLED with 454 x 454 pixel resolution, and a FSTN which is used for battery conservation.

But one area which has stayed the same with the previous two generations is the IP68 water-resistance. You might think that’s enough for (pool) swimming and in some cases it is. However the watch can’t really handle water pressure that well. This is why it is recommended you do not shower with it.

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The Ultra version of the watch that was announced today comes with “military-grade” build as evidenced by its MIL-STD-810G certificate. Water-resistance, however, stays at only IP68.

The 4100 chip is also unchanged. So we are not getting on upgrade to the 4100+ processor as was initially expected. Battery life at 72 hours in Smart Mode and 45 days in Essential Mode is identical to the non-Ultra iteration.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS
Image source: Mobvoi

Improvements come in performance. Mobvoi says this has been improved by 40% on the new version. This should ensure smoother usage and faster app loading. Presumably all of this comes from more power efficient internals – as the chip and memory are the same as on the non-Ultra version of the watch.

A nice update is to do with the FSTN display. This has received a boost in that you can now choose background colors. Previously you only had a grey version.

The other improvement is a doubling of the number of sports modes from 10+ to 20+. Some of these tap into built-in GPS (Galileo, Glonas, Beidou, QZSSS), and there are newly added magnetic compass readings. Other sensors include: accelerometer, gyroscope, HD PPG heart rate sensor, SpO2, low latency off-body sensor and a barometer.

As far as health, in addition to the basics the watch has IHB/Afib detection that can alert you if your heartbeat is too fast, slow or irregular. There are also fatique assesment and stats quantifying your energy levels.

The watch does not come with WearOS 3.0 out of the box. Mobvoi has confirmed the new version of Google’s operating system will come to its devices, but this will not happen until well into 2022.

The $299.99 Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is available from today on Mobvoi’s website (check price on Amazon). A 4G LTE version will follow in November. That one will run $60 extra.

TicWatch GTH Plus, GTH Pro, advanced heart rate readings are all in the works

In other news, the folks over at XDA Developers have dug out some interesting information by looking into the APK of version 4.3.0 of the Mobvoi app. In addition to TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra that we’ve already written about, this has references to TicWatch GTH Plus and TicWatch GTH Pro. It is quite possible we might see all of three these in the weeks ahead.

TicWatch GTH has only been around since this Spring. The square-shaped device offers the standard set of fitness sensors in addition to the less commonly found temperature feature that works 24/7. TicWatch GTH retails for around $80 which makes it very reasonably priced. The clue as to what these new iterations of the watch might bring lie in the app code.

This reveals that Mobvoi is working on a plethora of advanced heart rate measurement features. This is all aggregated in something the company refers to as an Arty score. The idea is to dish out a single metric that quantifies your unique cardiovascular risk profile. This is on a scale between 0 and 100 – and is definitely something we have not seen before.

The feature looks quite advanced. The Arty Score integrates several different measurements including:

  • The biological age of your heart (“ArtyAge”, or “Arterial Age”)
  • Your heart’s ability to provide oxygenated blood to cells based on the body’s performance demands (“eCAP”, or “Exercise Capacity”)
  • The load on the heart due to the hardening of arteries (“HSX”).

What’s more, the heart rate masurements are more accurate than on a standard wearable. Mobvoi says they are medical grade, i.e. as good as those derived by standard ECG-based methods (“TruHR”). Users are also provided with insights to help improve their heart health.

Aparently, the new functionality comes courtesy of Mobvoi’s new partnership with Australian-based AtCor Medical Inc, a subsidiary of CardieX. These new features will live in a separate app from the one currently utilized by Mobvoi’s wearables.

TicWatch GTH Pro will definitely have these new features as evidenced by the tutorial for taking an Arty reading. It is unclear at the moment whether TicWatch Pro Ultra GPS and TicWatch GTH Plus will have them as well. It is doubtful existing devices will be able to spit these out as the metrics require a special “Heart Health Sensor”.

The app also makes amention of a mystery TicWatch Apollo device. This could be another smartwatch in the works or something else.

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