PUTTR: the intelligent putting green for your home

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A smart putting green for your home or office? Why not. PUTTR makes everyday practice interesting allowing you to connect and compete with others. It is certainly a big step up from the traditional thing.

Home putting mats are useful. They allow you to perfect one of the most important aspects of the golfing game – putting. It is said to account for over 40% of golf shots. But do you put in enough practice? Most golfers don’t. They tend to practice a few shots here and there, and leave it at that.

An interesting solution comes from a Redondo Beach, Los Angeles-based startup. They have created an Indiegogo project for PUTTR – what might be the first connected putting green. Ot at least – one of the first. It comes with games, lots of stats and is portable. Think of it as a Peloton for putting.

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The thing has something called “integrated computer vision technology” that works through a tiny connected camera that records all the action. The AI is able to figure out the line and speed of the ball, and this is sent via Bluetooth to the iOS or Android app in real-time.

The high-quality green offers a choice between 27 different puts ranging from 3 to 11 feet. There are straight, left and right puts available from each of the eight distance points. You can then check which shots you are consistently making, which require more work and how you compare to pros. The software works from practically any connected device, including smartphones, tables, laptops, Apple TV and Google TV.

In addition to regular practice, you can also choose arcade style games or connect with others for online tournaments. This is probably the most novel aspect of PUTTR and something that will hopefully entice you to keep practicing and improving.

Finally, there’s also the PUTTR Club. This is an optional paid for subscription service that offers interactive instruction from PGA professionals and other premium content to help you improve. It also allows you to connect and compete with other PUTTR Club members.

And when you’re done, simply roll the green. It tucks away nicely in the aluminium case for out-of-the-way storage. As shown in the images above, the case looks good. So definitely not something you’ll have to keep out of sight – hidden away in the garage.

If you are not finding enough time to get to the green, PUTTR may pique your interest. It will allow you to fit practice time around your schedule, and the gamified element will help to keep you engaged.

There’s over a month to go in the Indiegogo campaign. PUTTR starts at $499, which is 25% off the final retail price when the product launches in April 2022. The company has managed to raise over $80,000 so far, which is more than three times above its $25,000 project goal.

Price:$449 and up

Funding open:
$81,252 out of $25,000 goal
38 days left

Estimated delivery: April 2022

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