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Fitbit OS 5.3 software update brings status indicators to Versa 3 & Sense

A software update is making its rounds currently for owners of Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense smartwatches. It slaps on status indicators and a few new exercise modes.

The is a gradual rollout and the company says it has already hit some devices. Fitbit opts for this strategy in order to iron out any bugs before the refresh hits too many people.

Which means if you are not seeing the update yet you should be seeing it soon. Simply go to the smartphone app and you’ll get a notification if the update is available in your region. You can force a manual check by choosing your profile icon in the smartphone app, tap the Fitbit that you wish to update and choose Update Tracker Software.

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The OS 5.3 software refresh does not bring anything radically different. But there are a few useful updates which might make your life a bit easier.

One of these is that there are status indicators on the smartwatch now that will let you know if your Versa 3 or Sense battery is very low. The indicators also show if you’ve switched on the “do not disturb” or “sleep mode” settings and if your watch is not connected to your phone. Fitbit’s idea here is to have all this information at your fingertips so that you do not need to go hunting around for it.

The image below illustrates how the status indicators look on Sense. The small icons show up for about 3 seconds when the screen wakes up, and then disappear. If you wish to see them again, simply swipe right to see the icons at the top of quick settings. If they are annoying you, switch off the status indicators function via the settings page.

Apart from the usual bug fixes the other improvement Fitbit OS 5.3 brings is a few new exercise modes. These include outdoor activities such as kayaking, skiing and more.

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