Motiv smart ring

Oppo might be coming out with a smart ring soon

Oppo has registered a patent with the Chinese authorities for a smart ring. Hopefully the device will soon become reality and bring some much needed competition in this market space.

If Oppo comes out with a smart ring of its own it will be the first big brand to do so. Apple has been rumored to be working on such a device for years now. Fitbit has also filed at least one patent for a smart ring.

Unfortunately, we are yet to see anything materialize with big brands opting to stick to fitness trackers and smartwatches. The smart ring competition is restricted currently to only a handful of players such as Oura, Motiv and a few not very well known brands. An Oppo branded ring would definitely revive this part of the industry. It might even prompt other big brands to come out with their own products.

Go2Sleep Smart Ring
Go2Sleep Smart Ring

The China QCC(QiChaCha) Database has added an entry for an OPPO smart ring. Which means the Chinese authorities have approved the patent. The filing was published yesterday.

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Not much to go on as far as details on functionality and technical specs. The ring is listed as an accessory, so not an electronic product. It could very well be a fashion addition to smart glasses.

Oppo smart ring patent
Oppo smart ring patent | Source: China QCC(QiChaCha) Database

Interestingly enough, Oppo has announced its own smart glasses concept earlier this month. Air Glass are fully featured alternative reality (AR) specs which are expected to get a release in China sometime in 2022. The glasses are infused with technology which will allow users to access maps for navigation, view notifications, keeping tabs on health, access translation services and much more.

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