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Huawei’s first true smart glasses come with a separable frame design

Huawei has released the Huawei Smart Glasses with replaceable lenses earlier today. The tech is powered by an embedded version of HarmonyOS. The Chinese tech giant already had two smart glass products under its belt. But this latest one is the first fully featured product.

Huawei Smart Glasses

The company has high hopes for the new specs and says they will be “your next smart personal assistant”. Unlike their predecessors, the glasses run on Huawei’s proprietary operating system. The earlier versions were audio-only smart specs.

Huawei Smart Glass
Image source: Huawei

As shown in the video below, Huawei Smart Glass come with swappable lenses. These can be replaced as a single unit as the front panel is detachable. Everything is held onto the frame with magnets. That’s very clever and it means you can easily change them around. The separable frame design also makes the glasses a fashion accessory.

The frame choice includes:

  • Three retro classic frames
  • Boston frame
  • Wellington frame
  • Aviator frame

Additionally, left and right bone 128mm ultra-thin large-amplitude speakers can be found, one on each arm of the glasses. This has an open auditory design with an inverse sound field acoustic system to reduce sound leakage. This is coupled with a dual MIC with anti-wind noise design so the glasses can pick up on your voice clearly, even outdoors.

There is some health functionality on-board, namely the ability to let you know if you are slouching. To this end, the accelerometer and gyroscope in the glasses is used to analyze cervical spine bearing and monitor changes in your head posture.

The sensors can also figure out when you are wearing the glasses and automatically play weather forecasts and the day’s schedule. Additional functionality includes the ability to broadcast short messages, travel information, reminders and more. Finally, users are able to control audio playback from a connected smartphone, and accept or reject calls.

Huawei smart glasses can run for up to 16 hours after being fully charged, they support wired magnetic charging, and can be charged both front and back. Around 10 minutes on the charger is enough for 80 minutes of music playback. In addition, the glasses support IPX4 life waterproof and can be used normally in rainy weather or sports sweating.

Price, availability, release date

Previous versions of Huawei’s smart glasses were conjured up in collaboration with designer Gentle Monster. These, however, seem to be solely made by Huawei.

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The Smart Glasses were announced alongside Huawei Watch D earlier today, along with a few other products. They will be available for purchase in China priced at 1,699 yuan (around $270) for the optical lens version, and 1,899 yuan (around $300) for sunglasses.

This follows the recent OPPO Air Glass announcement

The Huawei Smart Glasses teaser comes hot on the heals of a similar one by OPPO. The later product, however, is more infused with high tech. OPPO Air Glass are fully featured assisted reality (AR) smart glasses. The smart bit weighs only 30 grams and snaps onto custom black or silver frames designed by OPPO. This is held in place with magnetic components inside the frame.

Oppo Air Glass
Image source: OPPO

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC, OPPO glasses use waveguide display technology along with something the company refers to as a Spark Micro Projector and cutting-edge micro-LED. You’ll be able to choose between two display modes – 16-level grayscale and 256-level grayscale (at 640 x 480 pixel resolution).

Oppo Air Glass
Image source: OPPO

The AR specs will allow you to do many things. This includes accessing maps for navigation, viewing notifications, keeping tabs on health and fitness data, accessing real-time translation services and more. Interacting with the glasses will be done via touch, talk and motion controls. You’ll also be able to control them by using an OPPO smartphone or smartwatch.

OPPO Air Glasses will get a limited release in China sometime in 2022. No price has been revealed just yet.

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