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STATSports launches its first ever GPS-enabled sports bra

STATSports has announced today its first ever connected women’s product – a GPS-enabled sports tracking bra.

We’ve written many times about the Northern Irish outfit. Established in 2007, it has a range of smart products under its belt including a pioneering performance tracking soccer wearable – the APEX Athlete Series. The device allows amateur athletes to use the same technology as that worn by pros.

But the latter is actually the market the company most often focuses on. It represents 14 Premier League Clubs and WSL teams. STATSports also has long-term partnership contracts with a number of national squads and a multi-year contract with the US Soccer Federation.

GPS Sports Bra

Now the company has adopted their flagship product to fit into something that can be worn comfortably by women – a GPS sports bra. The product will replace the standard STATSports unisex performance vest that was used by women till now.

The STATSports Apex pod fits neatly inside inside the garment. The pod houses tech that captures 16 key metrics including: max speed, high speed running, high intensity distance, step balance, sprints, stress load and more. The bra has an elongated design making it comfortable and secure during matches and practice. It also comes with removal cups allowing a customisation of cup size. 

Stat Sports Bra
Image source: STATSports

Women’s soccer is big. FIFA estimates that there are 29 million women and girls playing football worldwide and this number is expected to double by 2026. In Europe alone there are some 1.1 registered female players, 48 national women’s football leagues and nearly 720,000 registered female youth players.

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The game of soccer is rapidly grown and it’s great to see STATSports with a dedicated product for women who love the game. Football is all about having an edge over the opponent, and this product will help elevate female players.

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