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Muse gets into VR head-mounted displays with new EEG headband

Muse (also known as Interaxon Inc) has unveiled today a virtual reality (VR) Software Development Kit (SDK) and new EEG headband. Both are designed to work with all major VR head-mounted displays, including Oculus from Meta.

The meditation company is well known for its popular brain-sensing headbands. They are generally considered to be the best in class.

We published a detailed review of Muse S last year. The highlight of the device for us is the meditation part. Muse S gives users feedback in real-time telling them if they are on the right track. The device also acts as a motivating factor as it makes meditation more fun.

Another aspect to the wearable is its sleep tracking ability. But we found that to be more a nice-to-have than a must have. While the design is great for daytime meditation, the device is a bit awkward to wear at night. However if you do have trouble falling asleep, it can be a great tool. Particularly with the newly released Digital Sleep Pill which lulls you into slumber.

Muse S-VR Band and SDK

Muse VR

Now the company is adopting the design of Muse S for use in web3 and the Metaverse. To this end it is working with developers to leverage their patented biosensing technology and make it compatible with a range of VR and AR applications and hardware.

The Metaverse is expected to be the next big thing and the future of the internet. It is the next phase of human computing and digital interaction.

The word is both a vague and complex and it describes a digital world that exists alongside the one in which we live. Think of it as a shift in how we interact with technology. It includes both fully immersive virtual reality experiences and augmented reality. The latter combines the real-world with the digital one. You will be able to interact with the Metaverse through computers, games consoles, VR/AR headsets, phones and other devices.

Muse wants to play a key role in this. Its hardware and software allows for real-time access to brain and heart biosignals which has the potential to make these types of experiences substantially more engaging, personalised and immersive. Application could be in anything from education and training, health and fitness, to social gaming.

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The new Muse S-VR form factor is currently under development. We expect that it will largely be based on the regular variant of the headband. The goal is to design something that will be comfortable to use with all major VR HMDs that have the ability to harness their four-channel EEG system with PPG, ECG, EMG (muscle tension), and EOG (ocular movements) biosensing capabilities. Launch is expected sometime in the second quarter of 2022.

The Muse VR SDK is available now in Beta form. There are versions for Android, iOS, Windows, Unity, and Unreal game engines.

Those interested in receiving updates on the VR SDK and new EEG headband can register on this page. Muse S (2nd gen) is available at for $399.99. 

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