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A future Xiaomi Mi Band might have a flexible display, new patent

Xiaomi has just has just received a patent approval in China for a fitness band with flexible display technology. This could possibly feature in a future Mi Band.

We’ve recently had a solid leak as to what can be expected from the next generation Mi Band. Version 7 is expected to arrive in the weeks or months ahead with a larger display, an always-on option, features such as smart wake, passcode, Power Saving Battery Mode – and possibly built-in GPS.

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If this turns out to be accurate it will be the fourth year in a row that Xiaomi has managed to improve the quality and increase the size of the display. The current version has a 1.56 inch screen and we are expecting this to grow probably to 1.64 inches on Mi Band 7.

That would, pretty much, represent a limit as far as how much the company could reasonably increase the display. Any bigger and it would be crossing into smartwatch territory. But Xiaomi might have something different planned for Mi Band 8.

A Xiaomi Mi Band 8 flexible, rollable display?

The company is dabbling in the area of flexible displays for future fitness bands. This is according to one of China’s patent databases.

Apparently, the company has received a patent to manufacture a fitness band with a rollable-type flexible display. Here’s an image of what the device would look like. The letter A points to the section with the flexible display.

Xiaomi Mi Band flexible display

The patent description reads that this is a “Smart Bracelet” and it is categorised under wearables. Nothing is revealed about the actual specs – only the drawings of the fitness band are shown. If this makes it into the real-world, it will be the first time the company would feature such technology.

In many ways, a Mi Band with such a design would remind a lot of Amazfit X. Manufactured by Huami, who coincidentally is also the manufacturer of Xiaomi Mi Bands, it was released just over a year ago. Prior to that it had a very successful Indiegogo campaign which raised nearly $2 million dollars.

Amazfit X looks far ahead of its time with a beautiful curved 2.07-inch display. The screen has HD resolution (326 ppi), 100% NTSC high colour saturation and brightness of up to 430 nits. And that is the highlight and the biggest selling point of the device.

Unfortunately, reviews were mixed to negative. It seems the wearable suffers from issues such as low quality Bluetooth and GPS. Lots of problems have been reported with the battery, as well. These might be the reasons Amazfit X is still not sold in countries such as the US and UK.

Perhaps the Amazfit wearable was slightly ambitious as far as its design. The good thing is that Xiaomi will have that experience and more time to develop the gear. Flexible screen technology on a Xiaomi fitness band will probably not come this year, but it may come in time for Mi Band 8 in 2023.

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