Meta’s first true AR glasses not expected to launch before 2024

Meta’s first true alternative reality (AR) glasses, will reportedly receive an official reveal by the year 2024, possibly later.

The company has been flirting with this space for a while now. Its only notable effort so far are Ray-Ban stories. This is a pair of smart specs released together with Ray-Ban late in 2021. The device allows users to take photos and vides, send text and voice calls, access notifications, control music playback and more. But these are not AR glasses.

First AR glasses are in development

Nope. For that we will have to wait a few more years. The product is reportedly being developed under the code name Project Nazare. The Verge reports that Meta is hoping they will see the light of day by 2024, and that more advanced models will follow in the years after.

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Apparently Meta is not sparing any cash. Billions of dollars are being poured into the project which Mark Zuckerberg sees as his vision for the metaverse.

In terms of specs, the yet-to-be-named product will pack eye-tracking cameras, microLED projectors, custom waveguides and more. The cost of some of these components is quite high, so only those with deep pockets might get access to the first generation product. The Verge writes that the upcoming AR glasses will be priced higher than the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset which currently runs at $299.

Other details revealed on the device include that it will have thick black frames and battery life of a mere 4 hours. The specs will apparently be powered by a wireless puck that you can tuck away in your pocket. The device itself weighs around 100 grams which is about four times the weight of a regular pair of specs.

Meta does not have a working prototype of the AR glasses just yet. Which leads to the possibility that even this 2024 timescale could be optimistic.

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