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Amazfit T-Rex 2 gets the nod of approval from the FCC

What we believe is the successor to Amazfit T-Rex Pro has just stopped by the FCC. The T-Rex 2 or T-Rex 2 Pro are not mentioned by name. However, there’s was a single image in the filing which has since been removed, that makes it obvious it is a device in this line.

It has been just over a year since the Amazfit Pro was released. This is a lightweight and durable watch for the outdoorsy types. That iteration upgraded the original with a number of useful improvements. In our review we found the watch to be a solid option for those that do not want to pay an arm and a leg for an outdoorsy watch. If you’re into rugged sports watches with decent health and activity tracking, it represents a very good deal.

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Mind you, there is room for improvement. For example, there’s no built-in music storage, speaker or microphone, no 3rd party app support and the notifications are pretty basic. All of these are areas we hope to see addressed when the next iteration comes out. Some of this will come with the new operating system that has been released by Huami in the past few months. And next generation sensors are are given any time there’s a new version of a device.

Amazfit T-Rex 2

It may not be too long to go now before we see Amazfit T-Rex 2. A few days ago the FCC added a new Huami entry. Although the watch is not mentioned by name the single image that appears in the paperwork makes it obvious that this will be Amazfit T-Rex 2 or T-Rex 2 Pro. That image has since been removed.

What it showed was a round, rugged watch and the Amazfit T-Rex range is the only with such a device. There are clearly some design enhancements. The most obvious one is that there’s a metallic Amazfit logo now between the two physical buttons on the right. The positioning of some of the screws is also different this time around.

The device looks to have a similar diameter to the predecessor versions. So around 47.7mm and depth of around 13.5mm. The image below shows last year’s Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro
Amazfit T-Rex Pro

There is little actual info in the FCC documentation on technical specs. Apart from the fact that the new device will pack a 450 mAh battery. This will be an improvement as the predecessor devices have a 390 mAh battery. With this, Amazfit T-Rex pro can keep going 18 days in normal mode and 40 hours with GPS switched on. The bigger capacity battery should allow the T-Rex 2 to top this.

This is all the info we have to go on at the moment. The FCC authorisation is typically one of the last steps before smartwatches are launched in the US. So look for the T-Rex 2 or Pro version of the same to drop in the months or possibly even weeks ahead.

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