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Ultrahuman Ring can track your metabolic health in real time

Smart rings are still yet to take off in a meaningful way, but there is an increasing selection of devices. The latest to arrive is Ultrahuman – a wearable that can track your metabolic health in real time, along with other vitals metrics.

The smart ring comes from a startup based in India. They have a few other products in their range such as their M1 glucose monitoring patch.

Similar to the Lumen device that we recently reviewed, the most novel aspect of Ultraring is that it can monitor a user’s metabolism. But unlike Lumen which does this by analysing your breath, Ultrahuman does this by analysing data from their smart ring and glucose patch. So you do need both in order to get the metric.

The M1 patch uses a tiny hollow needle to monitor blood sugar levels in real-time. It then gives a “metabolic score” based on food and exercise. You can then use this info to asses how certain foods might affect a workout, recovery and your overall health.

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But even if you don’t purchase Ultrahuman for its metabolism tracking functionality, there is plenty to like. The device tracks you activity and sleep around the clock, along with your heart rate, heart rate variability and body temperature.

It then sifts through all this data and spits out insights to help you understand how these metrics vary during the day. You also get recovery advice. So the functionality is pretty similar to the likes of the Oura ring.

Ultrahuman Ring
Image source: Ultrahuman

The ring itself has no screen so you will need to fire up the accompanying smartphone app in order to look at the data. But the device is small and discreet – perfect for someone that doesn’t like wearing smartwatches. The company says, the fact that the device doesn’t have a screen or haptic feedback is a positive as it will keep distractions at bay. 

Water-resistance is pretty decent which means you can wear the ring 24/7. The thing is also very tough, built with “fighter jet” titanium and coated with a tungsten carbide. Battery life is said to be between 4 and 6 days, which actually places it slightly above most other smart ring offerings.


Pre-orders for Ultrahuman Ring started yesterday on the company’s website. However, actual shipping of the device will not occur until August 2022. The wearable is offered in a choice of four colours including black, grey, silver and gold.

There are also different size options so, if purchasing a ring, make sure you pick the appropriate one. The cost of Ultrahuman is $299, although there is a limited number of first orders that will knock $100 off this price.

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