Hearth Display: smart 27-inch bulletin board for the whole family

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Hearth Display is your bulletin board reimagined. This is a tool you can use to simplify organization and task management for the whole family.

Unfortunately stress has become all too commonplace in these fast times. Technology is meant to help us. But often it contributes to making our lives even busier. Hearth Display is something that is meant to eliminate the chaos from your life.

Think of it as a digital white board and task manager that features a large 27-inch colour display. All members of your household can connect to keep tabs and check off tasks that have been completed. Which means no more posting notes on the fridge and back and fourth texting with your kids to try and stay on top of things.

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The device comes from Brooklyn-based company that goes by the same name as the product. Earlier this year they raised more than $3 million in new funding that will go towards advancing product development. Furthermore, the company has opened pre-orders on Indiegogo for those that want to pick up the device ahead of launch at a discount. So far more than $500,000 has been raised on the crowdfunding platform from around 1,000 individuals.

Heart Display – how it can help simplify your life

Hearth Display is ideal for those that want to keep track of chores, grocery lists and all other to-do items. You can connect existing Google calendars to Hearth, use Hearth’s native calendar, scan an image of a schedule and more.

Up to 20 people can add their profiles to the device and AI will sift through them and flag up conflicts. Events, appointments, to-dos, chores, and routines are organised in one place so you can visualise what is happening.

Hearth Display

This can be a great tool for your kids, as well. It can help them build routines and independence. So no more nagging to get things done. The calendar notifies of important information and chores! You can also set up a family’s “shared” list so that anyone can pick up the slack. And when you are not so busy, Hearth Display can be set to display your photos and art.

New items can be added to the calendar directly from Hearth. Or sync your existing Google calendar and any changes will be uploaded automatically.

This can be great in managing your health as well. Create a Google Calendar called “Health” and then just add entries for anything you want to note such as “hay fever”, “diarrhea” or “period started.” 

Parental controls, like profiles and settings, as well as your family information that is shown on Hearth can be managed from a smartphone app and web dashboard. In the future, the company plans to expand features to include caretakers/nannies, grandparents, extended family and more. All of this will arrive via over-the-air software updates. iCal and Outlook integration is also coming soon.

Installation is simple

The device itself comes in three frame finishes: Wood Veneer, Matte White and Matte Black. The dimensions come in at 16.5 inch width and 26.7 inch height. The colour display has an anti-glare coating and there’s a built-in camera with a privacy cover attached. As far as connectivity, you can choose between a wired setup (via Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi/Bluetooth).

There’s an accompanying mount in the box which you can use to hang Hearth Display on your wall. Then simply plug it in, connect to WiFi, set up your account and you are good to go.

As mentioned, the company is running an Indiegogo campaign where you can pre-order the device. It costs $499 which is 28% off what it will eventually retail for when it is made available in May next year.

Price:$499 and up

Funding total:
$504,930 raised by 1018 backers
18 days remaining

Estimated delivery: May 2023

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Hearth Display:

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