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Beta brings a slew of exciting Garmin Fenix 7 features closer to public release

A Beta version that goes under the number 9.24 of Garmin watch software was released early this morning. It brings a slew of new features for Fenix 7, Epix 2 and Quatix 7 closer to public release.

This follows on from the Alpha version 9.22 that was launched into the wild about a week ago. It seems that version and the earlier Alpha editions have gone down well because Garmin has upgraded this latest release to Beta status.

As we reported previously, you need to manually download and install Alpha versions of Garmin software to your watch. Beta firmware is installed automatically through Garmin Connect.

You just need to register to be a part of the Beta Programme. From that point on all Beta versions, or pre-release software as it was called before the introduction of the Programme, will be delivered automatically to your watch. So nothing for you to do apart from register and wait for the new software to come through to your device.

A bunch of exciting updates for the Garmin on your wrist

Firmware that goes under the number 9.22 and earlier Alpha versions brought a bunch of exciting updates to the Garmin Fenix 7, Epix 2 and Quatix 7. This includes all the new functionality introduced with the Forerunner 255 and 955, namely Training Readiness, HRV Status, support for native Run Power, Race Calendar and more. The only omission is the Morning Report. Presumably, that will also come in time.

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Another useful addition is something called SatIQ support. Enable this and the watch will automatically figure out the optimal GPS mode based on your current environment.

So, for example, if your watch has Multiband GNSS and you tend to keep this switched on you know it is very power consuming. Choose AutoSelect in the settings on your device and it will switch between modes by figuring out the optimal mode in real-time. This ends up saving battery life whilst not compromising the accuracy of the signal.

Most of the features that were part of the recent Alphas have now made the cut for Beta 9.24. Plus some other additions. Here they are listed:

  • Added elevation graph to cycling Power Guide preview.
  • Added ‘End Sleep’ prompt to App list access.
  • Added map option to Cycling Power Guide option menu.
  • Added Race Day PacePro confirmation page.
  • Added trophy for completed Primary Race events.

As always, there are also a bunch of fixes. You can view the full change-log on this link.

If you’ve been cautious about installing the Alpha, the Beta is closer to public release so should be safer to run. Of course, there are still risks involved. If you have an important race or trip, the new features are probably not worth having issues mid-race or hike.

Other Garmin watches are also getting Betas

Other watches that also have firmware transitions from Alpha to Beta today are Fenix 6, Enduro, Tactix Delta, Quatix 6 and MARQ. They are being upgraded to Beta 22.80. The most notable change is the surprise inclusion of HRV status. It was not expected that these watches would get the feature as they run the older Elevate heart rate sensor (3.0).

Finally, Instinct 2 is also getting some love today. It gets a Beta 9.13 which includes HRV Status, support for native Run Power and more.

Garmin has transitioned to a new public firmware release schedule this year. They are releasing quarterly updates. So if things go well with Betas, we are expecting the software to be made widely available towards the end of August or in September.

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