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LIVALL BH51M NSO smart helmet enhances safety, sound quality & design

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LIVALL has opened up a crowdfunding campaign for the next generation BH51M NSO smart helmet. The device is safer, more intelligent and lighter than anything else the company has in its range.

Smart helmets have gained in popularity in recent years. In addition to protecting you in the case of an accident, these types of products slap on a host of other functionality. Which over 1 million customers, LIVALL is one of the best known names and a pilot in this space. It launched its first smart helmet in the now distant 2014.

The latest product from the outfit is the BH51M NSO smart helmet. The company has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for manufacturing and promote its latest offering.

Comprehensive safety features

We all know that riding a bike comes with risks, particularly in urban settings. So let’s start off with safety features.

The gizmo has a total of 53 built-in LED lights so drivers on the road and pedestrians can see you from all angles. The intensity of lights adjusts automatically depending on the time of day helping to preserve battery life and keep you visible.

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There’s a gravity acceleration sensor inside capable of picking up on deceleration. The helmet will then activate the front and rear lights for 8 seconds. Other lights will be activated when you press the turn signal button on the bar-mounted remote controller. That means you do not need to lift your hands off the handlebar to safely indicate turns.

Rounding off the safety features is a patented SOS alert and fall detection system. If the helmet determines you have had an accident, an SMS alert will be set to your preset lists of emergency contacts containing your GPS location. This will be fired off after 90 seconds which gives you enough time to switch off the alert before it goes out, if needed.


Great sound by JBL

Another big selling point of this product is its open ear speaker system with sound by JBL. For those not in the know, this is one of the worlds most renowned audio makers. This is actually the only smart helmet manufacturer that has integrated JBL technology. You can use audio to make calls, listen to music or navigation instructions, access your smartphone’s voice assistant service.

Lightweight, adjustable, water-resistant

The helmet itself is adjustable, lightweight (only 480 grams) and waterproof (IPX4). It comes with a dial-fit wheel to ensure everything is held firmly in place.

LIVALL says they’ve designed the product for long rides. You can get up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge which should suffice for even the longest of day trips. The helmet also comes with an anti-loss alarm which kicks in if the distance between the helmet and a paired smartphone exceeds 20 meters.


All of this makes the LIVALL BH51M NSO quite a feature-packed product. It is therefore no surprise that, with a couple of weeks to go, the campaign on Kickstarter has raised more than $200,000.

A pledge of $129 will see one of these delivered to your doorstep in September. This is quite a big saving on the $219 the product will sell for after the official launch.

Price: $129 and up

Raised:$211,241 of $10,000 goal

Estimated delivery: September 2022
15 days to go

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