The latest Fitbit Versa 2 update might brick your device

The latest firmware update for Fitbit Versa 2 has bricked a bunch of devices. Install at your own risk! Or don’t do the installation at all.

Users have turned to Reddit and other social platforms to complain. There’s are also a few threads on Fitbit forums discussing the issue.

The situation is a bit random as there are those that have installed the new software without any issues. But it is something to be aware of. Downloading and installing the firmware which goes under the number might render your Fitbit Versa 2 useless.

Unfortunately, if you are one of the people that have been affected by the bug – there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about it. A hard reset will not get your Fitbit back to life. What you’ll see is a black screen, and a device that won’t turn on when charging. Holding down the buttons will also not bring you much joy. Nor will anything else.

There are also those whose device is not bricked, but their step count and heart rate is not working. Essentially, the device on their wrist functions just like a clock – with hardly any other features available.

You may want to play it safe and skip this update

For now, you might want to play it safe and not install anything. Which means having to deal with annoying notifications letting you know there’s an update that you can install. But at least you’ll be sure to have a working smartwatch.

If you do decide to install, the new features this update brings is an SpO2 watch-face. There are also some other watch-faces that were not previously available, including one that lets you choose an image from your smartphone to show as a background on the device.

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The positive in all of this is that Fitbit is still issuing updates for the ageing Versa 2. To remind, the device was launched in September 2019. Lots of companies stop issuing updates for smartwatches after a year or two, in order to focus on the latest generation.

If you find your Versa 2 is bricked by the latest firmware update, contact Fitbit. Some users have reported the company has offered them a 35% discount on a new device. If your warranty is still active, you can ask for a replacement.

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8 thoughts on “The latest Fitbit Versa 2 update might brick your device

  • My versa 2 got bricked by the update on 9/27/2022. I am sad.

  • Have updated my 2018 Versa last week and worked fine! So surprised to see an update for a watch over four years old.

  • We have 2 Versa 2s and after doing the firmware update, both bricked after a few days. Complaining to Fitbit only results in a 35% discount on a new purchase as watches wree out of warranty. I truly wonder if this firmware was purposly sent to fry our watches and gererating revenues for Fitbit by enticing owners to buy new units.
    September 27 2022

    • Google owes those impacted a new, working Versa 2 or better. This is not a warranty issue. Google’s negligence harmed Versa 2 owners.

    • Did the update and it bricked my versa2. Chatted with support and since it is out of warranty, they offered 30 percent off new product, but no repair or replacement of my versa2. I can’t help but be skeptical about this with the timing of the new pixel watch, the versa 4 and the sense 2.

    • Ya know I’m wondering exact same thing. This is third Fitbit this has happened to and all I’m offered is a 35% discount for something barely outta warranty. My son in law had similar problems with another famous make and was actually told its ” built in obsolescence…yip they WANT your device to fail outta warranty…so basically paying £300 for a device that may not live past its warranty!

  • My Versa 2 also bricked after working perfectly fine before the update. At least the cellular phone carriers and even Microsoft are transparent when they decide to stop supporting older devices. The dishonesty and denial of Fitbit when contacting Customer Support for help, in addition to the wasted time spent troubleshooting the device when Fitbit knows good and well that the device has been rendered inoperable, that is deplorable! It’s called a class action lawsuit and that’s what I’m filing. This is wrong, unacceptable, and won’t be tolerated. Stay tuned!

  • My Versa 2 also bricked after the update. Feel very miffed, it’s not even that old………not buying another doesn’t matter how good the discount is. Won’t be recommending them.


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