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FITURE unveils a more affordable smart fitness mirror

FITURE has followed the recent launch of their popular smart fitness mirror with a more affordable option. Just like its big brother, the device provides users with a fully immersive and interactive at-home gym experience.

Smart mirrors are yet to take off in a big way and the few options that are available right now are quite pricey. FITURE is one of only a handful of players in this market.

But this is an emerging space and we have no doubt that in a few years time smart mirrors will find their way into many more homes. They might even become as common as a gym membership. Needless to say, working out from the comfort of your living room or bedroom has certain advantages. And that’s not just during a pandemic.

FITURE Mini – a more affordable option

Earlier this year, FITURE launched their entry in this market called FITURE Core. The company had raised some $400 million via venture funding and part of this went into product development.

Their latest addition is a more compact device that cuts down on size of the frame and price, whilst retaining the functionality. You can see a size comparison between FITURE Mini and FITURE Core in the image below.

FITURE fitness mirror
Image source: FITURE

As with the original device users can tap into thousands of on-demand classes and programs. This is across a wide range of workouts incuding boxing, cardio dance, yoga, pilates meditation, HIIT and much more. Regardless whether you are just starting out or are a workout geek, there’s something for everyone. Simply choose workouts that are suited to your current fitness level.

Powered by something called Motion Engine technology, the mirror has the ability to recognise gestures. This makes for a truly interactive experience. The thing will record your form and spit out real-time feedback on areas you can improve in. FITURE Mini will also count reps, track pacing and more.

FITURE fitness mirror
Image source: FITURE

To make things fun, you can join in an interactive game. It is called Tightrope Tiger and will challenge you with tasks meant to test and improve your balance. Presumably other games will be added in due course. After all, this is the perfect medium for that sort of thing.

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As mentioned, smart fitness mirrors are still very expensive. Despite its $950 price tag and $39 monthly membership FITURE Mini is one of the more affordable options.

FITURE allows you to choose flexible month-to-month membership options. Also, the whole family can benefit from the fitness programs as the intelligent mirror allows for up to seven individual user accounts.

FITURE Mini and Core will become available on Amazon in early October.

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  • It’s getting harder and harder to hang my clothes on workout equipment these days…

    But seriously, I lack the motivation to stay at it, thus the overpriced clothes racks. Is a mirror as engaging as working with a live virtual coach like you do with Flexit or future?


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