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Peloton finally unveils app for WearOS smartwatches

If you have a WearOS 3 watch, you can finally download the Peloton app from the Google Play Store. The software is pretty barebones, but it’s a start.

The American exercise equipment company has had an iOS app for a while. But it is only now that it is giving some love to smartwatch owners with Android phones. So those of you with a Pixel Watch, the Galaxy Watch 5 and other wearOS devices – pay attention.

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As first spotted by 9to5Google, the app lets you track your workouts right from your wrist. Mind you, the software doesn’t do very much just yet.

You can view your pace, heart rate and the heart rate zone you are currently in. After the workout is complete, additional stats that are available include calories burned and something called the Strive Score. This is a heart rate based metric that Peloton uses to assess how hard you’ve exercised. A bit like the PAI score.

The software is clearly work in progress, and not yet as advanced as what you can find on the Apple Watch. For example, you need to start a workout from the smartphone rather than the watch. Strangely enough, another feature that is missing is the ability to pair with Peloton bikes. Again, this is something that can be done on the Apple Watch app.

Nevertheless, it is good that Peloton has added its name to third-party developers looking to jump on the wearOS bandwagon. This has received somewhat of a boost with the launch of the third generation of the software. It seems Google has done enough to prompt important third-party developers to give their operating system another go.

Peloton has become a well recognised name since it was established about a decade ago. The company has a loyal customer base that pay a monthly membership fee to access classes and additional features on the company’s exercise equipment.

But Peloton has been going to some troubled times as of late. Following its IPO in 2019, it reached a market valuation of $50 billion in January 2021. But since then its valuation fell sharply down to around $8 billion. That’s quite a fall!

The Wear OS app now joins the iOS app to make Peloton’s digital subscription a more viable option. If the software piques your interest, you can try the app by downloading it from the Play Store (in select regions). It is free to install, and the app is compatible with watches running on Wear OS 3 and above.

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