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Latest Fitbit update fixes issue with Samsung Z Flip & Folds

A Fitbit Charge 5 and Luxe update that goes under firmware number 20001.188.58 fixes an issue that has cropped up with Samsung Flip & Folds.

The company has quietly unveiled this latest sofware refresh a few days ago without officially publishing the change-log. Which is not a great way of going about things. However, a bit of digging around reveals that Fitbit support channels have explained the reason for this rollout.

It seems the sync problem first appeared in early December following an Android 13 update for the Samsung Z Flip & Folds. Customers noticed that the Fitbits on their wrists have stopped playing nice with the Samsung phones. The issue does not affect other Android 13 smartphones. One user speculates that this is due to a flaw in the size of the Bluetooth packets in Flip and Fold devices. So a fix could, potentially, be issued by Samsung.

A Fitbit Charge 5 and Luxe have memory for up to a week of data. So a fix for the issue is quite urgent. At the moment all these customers have to rely on is the data that can be seen on the Fitbit itself. The app is useless as it is not pulling latest data.

A factory reset or clearing the app cache does nothing to fix the issue. The same is the case for other typical troubleshooting steps. But this latest firmware update that goes under the number 20001.188.58 supposedly does.

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We don’t have confirmation that this latest software does, indeed, resolve the problem. Also it is unclear at the moment whether there is any additional functionality with this release. Probably not, as Fitbit would have published by now a detailed log if that was the case.

But this has left users on social media and Fitbit forums asking the question what exactly has changed with this latest firmware update. Hopefully this article answers that question.

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9 thoughts on “Latest Fitbit update fixes issue with Samsung Z Flip & Folds

  • This would be fantastic news! If you didn’t have to connect a Fitbit to a phone to update it. Fitbit used to support updates from Windows and Mac but doesn’t anymore, so if the connection is broken because of this bug then the only ways to fix it are:
    1.) with a spare Apple device (must be =>iOS 14.0 to install the app)
    2.) with a spare android device (Google play doesn’t have a specific min. Android version req. but all my devices are 2017ish and don’t support it)
    3.) wait for Samsung to fix the Bluetooth bug they introduced

    • Issue affects Fitbit Charge 4 also.

  • Don’t look to Fitbit CS for any help. I spent 2 hours on the phone with 3 reps and one supervisor before the last one was any help. The first one told me that I would just have to get another phone. The second one told me that she would have her supervisor email me something tomorrow. The supervisor was too busy to talk. I insisted on talking to her now and finally was connected. She was clueless. I had to keep asking if she was still on the line. The last one, Casey (sp) told me it was a software problem and that engineering was working on it. She then asked if she could check to see if there were any updates or projected fix dates. No such luck. She was the only one that really sounded interested and willing to try to help.

    • Does your Fitbit show your sleep score on your Fitbit? My Fitbit has stopped keeping track of my sleep since the update on the 12th.

  • Upgraded from a Charge 3 to a Charge 5 when my Charge 3 stopped syncing last month, figured it had died. Got the new Charge 5 and couldn’t get it to pair with my phone. Tried all the stuff they tell you to do when troubleshooting these things, no luck. Went though support (they are absolutely clueless btw). Figured it was defective, so returned it for a replacement. THEN I spotted a thread on Reddit about others having issues too. Anyway, Just went through the whole process of pairing my replacement Charge 5 with a different phone and updating the firmware to 20001.188.58. Guess what, it still won’t pair with by Galaxy Flip 4. ARG!!!!!

  • I have tested the update on two different Charge 5’s & they still won’t connect to ant Samsung Flip.

    Samsung advised the issue was fixed – although they hadn’t released any updates and it is not fixed (did retry again).

    All 3 Charge 5s work with a Samsung S20 (on Android 13) and with a Chromebook.

  • What? If your phone wont sync with the Luxe how do you get the firmware on? Sync with a phone that does work? And the thread here says it does not work. Not sure where the rumor of a fix came from. You think the Fitbit community site would know about it and it does not. People on that site are switching devices. People who get the devices for Xmas who dont know about the issue because no one publicizing it, they will go through endless hours of debugging with support. Nice way to spend Xmas.

    • Me too. Spent wasted hours attempting to sync. Still not synced.

  • Ya know what? Developers are a pain in the b**! They fiddle & fiddle around to keep themselves in a job, and waste vast amounts of other people’s time & money across the globe. They should be personally accountable for their bad coding.


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