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Whoop teases strength training features in future update

Whoop has teased, in an email, a few upcoming software updates including strength training features, breathing exercises and more.

The company has previously stated that they will prioritise software over hardware in the near future. And they’ve been hard at work keeping their word. We are therefore not expecting Whoop 5.0 to land before 2024.

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Check our our full review of Whoop 4.0. The device is one-of-a-kind in terms of the breadth of its recovery insights. This ultimately assists you in training smarter. Other brands are attempting to replicate Whoop’s recovery stats, but they still have a long way to go.

Long-term trends, 2 week storage, more journal and strain logging options

The most recent crop of improvements includes weekly, monthly, or 6-month views of your Sleep, Strain, and Recovery trends. This makes it easier to spot what you are doing right and where you are going wrong.

When you are unable to use your phone or bluetooth, your WHOOP will now automatically store up to two weeks of information. Your saved data will be uploaded once you reconnect to wifi or cell service. If you are still using WHOOP 3.0 or an older firmware version, you will only have a 3-day data capacity.

Ice Skating, Handball, Paintball, Percussive Massage, and Air Compression have also been added to the app. This gives you more options for logging strain.

Hopefully, you’ve been making full use of the Journaling feature. It is extremely beneficial in terms of determining how your habits are influencing your recovery. The most recent update includes the ability to log vacation time, cold showers, zinc, calcium, and a few others.

Strength training, breathing exercises and more

More interesting is a larger firmware refresh expected probably in the next month or two. The company has previously said the update will “give users additional reason to wear WHOOP 24/7”.

We suspected it had something to do with strength training. To remind, Whoop recently acquired PUSH. We reviewed their fitness band back in 2017. It does take some time to learn how to interpret the data, but once that is done, the wearable is very useful. It removes the guesswork from lifting.

Now these features are coming to Whoop.

The app will be able to measure the impact of your strength training workouts and the strain they place on your body, as shown in the screenshot below. The software will presumably count your reps and sets, as well as calculate tonnage and cardio versus muscular impact of your workout.

Whoop weight lifting

Breathing exercises are another feature that will be added in the near future: According to Whoop, they were created in collaboration with neuroscientist and human performance expert Dr. Andrew Huberman. There will be many to choose from, and they will focus on enabling better sleep, reducing stress, and assisting you in remaining alert.

Finally, you can expect an updated Home Screen that will allow you to see more of your health and fitness data at a glance. There will also be additional activities to track, as well as new insights.

Whoop breathing exercises

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