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Ignite 2, Grit X and Vantage M2 are next Polar watches to get SleepWise

Polar has announced earlier today it is expanding support for SleepWise to a few other watches. This includes Ignite 2, Grit X and Vantage M2. The Grit X Pro, Pacer, Pacer Pro and Vantage V2 received the feature in December.

What exactly is SleepWise and how can it help you?

Polar has always been good at sleep tracking. Its algorithms offer more insights and actionable advice than much of the competition. SleepWise is a new feature that was introduced with the launch of Ignite 3. It takes the sleep tracking abilities of Polar devices even further.

SleepWise works in the background so there is nothing special you need to do. The results appear in the Polar Flow app. Note that you need at least 5 sleep days recorded in the app over the week for the new metrics to start coming in.

Boost from sleep

SleepWise lets you know a few different things. For starters, it takes into account the amount, quality, timing of your sleep, and your sleep-wake cycle, to estimate how alert you will be during the day. Should you go for that long drive? Check your watch. It will let you know.

These are quantified in the “Boost from sleep” metric. It summarises the daily sleep info into one value – which makes it easy to compare across different days.

This also lets you know how ready you are to perform. And it does this hour by hour during the day. These can be seen in a chart where the Boost value is colour coded. The lighter the shade, the higher the boost level.

Polar SleepWise

Sleep Gate

Another part of SleepWise are suggested sleep times. Polar calls this “Sleep Gate”.

Similar to Whoop, the device will suggests the best time to get some more sleep. The feature takes into account your circadian rhythm. For better sleep you are meant to go to bed and wake up roughly at the same time each day. Doing this will allow for more quality shut-eye, and your resting heart rate and heart rate variability will improve. It is all about making sensible choices as to your sleep habits.

Feature is rolling out to more Polar watches

At the outset, SleepWise was only available on Ignite 3. Then it was made available for Grit X Pro, Pacer, Pacer Pro and Vantage V2.. Now the functionality is making its way to a few other Polar watches.

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Owners of Ignite 2, Grit X and Vantage M2 should now find it in the Polar Flow app. Just make sure to update to the latest version of the smartphone software.

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