Oura Ring competitor RingConn starts shipping to backers

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RingConn smart ring has started shipping to early backers on Indiegogo. The device measures much of the same stats as the Oura ring, but without a subscription.

It is fair to say we are not spoiled for choice when it comes to the smart ring space. There are only a few brands out there and none of them are mainstream. We are yet to see Apple, Fitbit or Samsung enter this market, although all three of them are rumoured to be working on such products. Samsung is the latest to hit the rumour mill with a smart ring that is apparently in the works.

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Oura is currently the dominant player in this market. But its wearable is pricey, plus it comes with an annoying monthly subscription model. We are not fans of the concept of having to pay on top of the purchase price of the hardware. Particularly now with the downturn in the global economy and high inflation in many countries. This is why this new smart ring has captured our interest.

RingConn – focuses mostly on recovery stats

RingConn comes with 7 day battery life and IP68 for water resistance. In terms of design, this is a no-nonsense device. It doesn’t attempt to look too stylish. Instead, it is all about function.

You are able to pick up RingConn in one of 9 size options. Whichever you choose it will weight only between 3 and 5 grams. So are hardly going to notice you are wearing the thing. To make it even more comfortable, the ring is manufactured with an outer-square, inner-circle design.

Similar to its competition, the functionality mostly revolves around recovery stats. To this end it captures information on REM, Light, and Deep sleep, along with sleep interruptions. The device also keeps tabs on your SpO2 levels and provides insights that help you understand your overall health and vitality. A temperature tracking function will be enabled in the months ahead.

The final important stats RingConn tracks is heart rate variability. This is a great indicator of stress and the wearable will help you identify events that trigger you.

RingConn Smart Ring

RingConn is one of the cheapest smart rings on the market which is why it captured our interest. It is no wonder the Indiegogo campaign raised more than $1,245,500 that has gone towards the development of the product. More than 7,000 people purchased the device on the crowdfunding platform.

Backers have started receiving the product

The good news is that some of them have already received the product. The company has shipped out two batches totalling some 1,000 rings. Hopefully they’ll be able to ramp up production now. To its credit, RingConn have been transparent with regular progress reports.

Early reviews are generally positive. One user notes the lack of a Readiness Score. But you do get raw data which includes HRV, a great indicator of recovery, along with a stress score. There are also some bugs which are in the process of being ironed out. This is to be expected from a product that is in the early stages of development.

For us the most important question is to do with the accuracy of the sensors. Of course this is a tool for awareness, not a medical device. But if the stats are accurate it will bring some much needed competition to the smart ring market.

Price:$150 and up

Funding total:
$1,245,500 of $5,000 goal raised

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