Eigen Fitness Nodes: The AI-powered wearable for weight training

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Eigen Fitness, a Canadian based startup, has launched an AI-powered wearable called Eigen Fitness Nodes. Designed to complement the cardio component of a physical fitness routine, the Nodes help gym users achieve balance by measuring their weight training progress and reducing the risk of injury.

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You’ll find this product is designed from the ground up to track the stats that are most important during weight training. This encompasses rep count, velocity, power, ROM, rep variation, and tempo, all of which are all tracked individually. To maximise training efficiency, nodes constantly calculate your current capacity and choose appropriate weights. Which helps to eliminate the guesswork that often accompanies weight training.

As far as the underlying tech, it consists of high-sensitivity, nine-axis inertial measurement units, powered by a lithium battery, and 16MHz CPU for fast motion fusion calculation. This allows the Nodes to take up to 200 measurements per second.

To use simply strap the Nodes on. Fire up the app and start your workout.

A comprehensive solution

Currently, the library consists of around 200 exercises. While this sounds very comprehensive, the company says they are always working on adding new ones. Furthermore, they will soon release a custom exercise feature that will allow you to create and train your own exercises directly from the app.

All lifting work is tracked in real time and haptic alerts are sent when the Nodes identify an injury risk. The later is special to this wearable. Injury in weight lifting usually occurs when lifters attempt to progress too quickly.

Eigen Fitness Nodes

You can pick up Eigen Fitness Nodes in three, five, or nine-packs. The more Nodes a user wears, the more data he or she gets. Three nodes monitor basic exercises, while nine nodes track advanced exercises such as compound lifts.

Based on the workout, the app will advise users on where to position the Nodes. A waistband clip is also included to assess the user’s core position. The Nodes communicate with the Eigen Fitness smartphone applications for iOS and Android via Bluetooth to provide comprehensive feedback.

Eigen Fitness Nodes

Eigen Fitness Nodes are designed specifically for exercising at home or in the gym. Other solutions are available, but they do not go as far and mostly focus on velocity-based training data. A few smartwatches have begun tracking reps and sets in the gym in recent years. However, their usefulness is extremely basic. Furthermore, it is often based on user input and does not monitor form.

On paper, this appears to be a complete answer for gym workout training. It is essential to note that, as with any crowdfunded project, there is some risk involved in supporting a product.

The Eigen Fitness Nodes are now available on Kickstarter, with a 3-pack beginning at around $150. Because the product is still in development, backers should anticipate a January 2024 or later delivery date.

Price: $150 and up

Raised:$39,225 of $7,250 goal

Estimated delivery: January 2024
32 days to go

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