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Garmin Forerunner 955: Wrist-based Running Dynamics & Load Ratio update is live

Garmin, has released a firmware update for its popular Forerunner 955 sports watch. The new software not only fixes a range of issues but also introduces exciting features, with the most notable being wrist-based Running Dynamics and Load Ratio tracking. These are features that debuted with the 965 and 265 a few weeks ago.

Wrist-based Running Dynamics

The big news with this firmware update is to do with running data. The Forerunner 955 software now incorporates wrist-based Running Dynamics support, eliminating the need for additional accessories like the Running Dynamics Pod or Garmin chest straps to collect such information. Users can measure several running metrics, including ground contact time, vertical oscillation, real-time stride length, and real-time steps per minute – all from their wrist. This is a much anticipated update.

Load Ratio tracking

The next useful upgrade is also to do with running data. The updated Forerunner 955 now tracks both short-term and long-term Load Ratios, enabling users to better monitor and balance their training. By understanding the relationship between training load and performance, athletes can optimize their workouts and recovery periods, ultimately improving overall performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

Additional features and improvements

Apart from the wrist-based Running Dynamics and Load Ratio tracking, the firmware update brings several other enhancements and fixes:

  1. Altitude acclimation percentage display, helping users adapt to changes in elevation more effectively.
  2. Workout suggestions for upcoming bike events, enabling cyclists to better prepare for their races.
  3. Calorie calculation based on wrist-based heart rate during swimming activities, providing more accurate data for swimmers.
  4. Support for sleep mode features such as sleep schedules, contributing to better sleep hygiene and overall health.
  5. The option to disable the auto-discover feature for sensors, offering more control over device settings. It’s annoying to initiate a meditation session indoors only to be met with alerts such as Speed/Cadence connected”, “Radar connected”, simply because your fitness equipment is in the adjacent room and connected to power. You can now change this.

Bug fixes

The firmware update also addresses several issues related to workouts, navigation, touch controls, and data accuracy, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, various minor issues have been resolved, and some translations have been updated.

How to install

This is part of the next round of quarterly updates. So it is an early version of the software, previously known as Alpha. Garmin has modified its naming convention and now labels this as a “First” or “Preliminary” Beta update.

To access Beta 15.09, users should link their Garmin watch to a Wi-Fi network and navigate through the following steps: Main Menu > System > About > Check for Updates. This will prompt the software download. Of course you need to be a member of the Garmin Beta Program in order for this to work.

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For those who choose not to install the update immediately, no further action is necessary. Early versions of software always carry a certain risk as there can be bugs and mistakes in the code. They can simply await the automatic download, which will be delivered to their watch Over-The-Air (OTA) when Garmin is set to transition to the next Beta stage.

You can check out the full change-log of Beta 15.09 on Garmin Forums.

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