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TicWatch Pro 3 also to receive Wear OS 3 update, debunking previous rumours

Contrary to previous rumours, it appears that the TicWatch Pro 3 will also receive the wear OS 3 update later this year.

Fresh intel we reported on a few days ago states that Wear OS 3 will be available in the third quarter of 2023 for TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra and TicWatch E3 models. The info comes from a Mobvoi sales representative in the Chech Republic. He adds that no other existing watches will be getting the update and that Mobvoi has assigned priority to various other projects. Presumably the latter is referring to timepieces that are currently in development.

This statement has caused some confusion as TicWatch Pro 3 was not mentioned. It is also powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform, the same that can be found in the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra and TicWatch E3 models.

A statement from a member of the Mobovi support team, published earlier today, provides some additional information. That individual does not provide any potential release dates, only stating that Mobvoi intends to upgrade the platform to wear OS 3 on older watches. However, he explicitly states that the TicWatch Pro 3 will be included in the list of compatible devices.

Here’s a screenshot of his reply:

Mobvoi update

The issue with Wear OS 2.

Upgrading from Wear OS 2 to Wear OS 3 has several advantages. For starters, it improves performance, allows for faster app launches, and provides a more fluid user experience. It also adds new features and updates existing ones, increasing the smartwatch’s versatility and functionality. Wear OS 3 improves health and fitness tracking capabilities as well as integration with Google apps and services.

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Equally important, as developers shift their focus to developing apps for Wear OS 3, support for Wear OS 2 is being phased out. This means that certain apps on the older platform are no longer be available or receive updates. Apps like Komoot, Strava, and Wikiloc, for example, do not appear in the Play Store. This will become a bigger issue as time passes. There are unofficial ways to install the software, such as activating developer mode and connecting the phone and watch to the same WiFI network.

Finally, wear OS 3 improves overall device security with patches and improvements that may not be available on Wear OS 2. Users can enjoy a more secure, feature-rich experience by upgrading to the latest version.

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10 thoughts on “TicWatch Pro 3 also to receive Wear OS 3 update, debunking previous rumours

  • I think sadly the poor management of the wear os 3 rollout has tarnished many of their current customers and will no doubt be a red flag for future customers. My own ticwatch pro 3 is now in a drawer probably never to see the light of day again. I’ve gone to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro largely because Samsung will ensure the device is as current as possible.

  • I got the Ticwatch pro 3 when it released. I skipped the galaxy 4 and anticipated the amazing Ticwatch Pro 3 with Wear 3. With the amount of problems I had with the Ticwatch 3, I held onto hope wear 3 would fix it but no news came. It is 2 years later. I got me the Galaxy 5 pro and will never touch a Mobvoi device again.

    • I think it’s a s*** sounds like it’s a good idea go get a Samsung 5 company.

    • Hey how is the galaxy 5 pro?m I’m thinking of switching cuz I have a s21ultra and it be nice to match ..don’t get me wrong, I love the ticwatchbut dang..way 2 long for update and really don’t wanna mess around flashing but if the 5pro is a dun deal 4u then I ust ight and change and flash anyways…?

  • I’ll never touch one of their products again.

  • This update was promised last year. And then they came out with a watch with where OS 3 built into it and needless to say it made me mad. They just now after 4 months published something about when they’re going to update that watch only to find out it was going to be another 8 months. I couldn’t be madder but it’s too late. Samsung gave me $180 for that watch and I traded it for a Galaxy watch 5 pro. I don’t like it as much but I don’t care it works better. I’ve been with this company since the first smartwatch came out but I’ll never go back.

    • Lol. You’d trust that one of their support rep knows what they’re talking about?

      You should post the question that was asked, remembering that their support person is always ill/mis-informed and English isn’t their first language. Unless you were super mega crystal clear you were speaking about two different models and wanted clarification on each one then the reply you’ve posted isn’t worth much.

    • They haven’t come out with a watch with Wear OS 3.

      That project is a joke too.

  • New customers DON’T BUY A SMARTWATCH FROM THIS COMPANY. Customer Service is terrible. Because they lie about Wear OS updates, no security updates etc. Also they don’t answer any questions from customers.

  • The service is simply terrible! Why should I think about any upgrade? I bought the product and I have the right to have everything working and updates coming! I simply will not buy products from this company again!


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