Xiaomi Mi Band 7 | Image source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 NFC preps for Europe launch

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi will be launching the NFC version of Smart Band 7 in the near future in Europe. The wearable has just been added to the international version of its website.

The original device was released in June 2022. In our review, we discovered that it upholds the popular series’ tradition of providing lightweight design, high build quality, and comprehensive health and fitness tracking features. The 1.62-inch AMOLED display (optionally always-on) adds to its allure. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a simple activity tracker that works with multiple smartphone apps.

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During workouts, the connected GPS and heart rate monitor work well, but the advanced performance metrics don’t go much beyond Vo2Max. Which means the Mi Band 7 is a good buy for those looking for a low-cost entry-level fitness tracker without GPS. If you already own its predecessor, the upgrade may not be significant enough to justify the cost.

Following that iteration, a Pro version was released. The built-in GPS and larger display are the main differences that justify its higher price tag.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 NFC

One of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7’s shortcomings is the lack of NFC for contactless payments is. Until now, that functionality was only available in the Chinese edition.

The NFC iteration for the European market, however, be available for purchase soon. According to Xiaomi’s website, you’ll be able to make cashless, contactless payments by tapping the Mi Smart Band 7 NFC to a Mastercard or VISA payment terminal.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7
Xiaomi Mi Band 7 | Image source: Xiaomi

The breadth of NFC support, however, varies by country. You can check the situation in your country by clicking on this link. In the United Kingdom, support is limited to Curve UK Limited and UAB ZEN. Because the United States is not listed on the website, it is unlikely that a version will be released for this market.

The other feature that the NFC addition brings is Amazon Alexa as it has a microphone. You can check the weather, set an alarm, remotely control your home smart appliances, and more. Apart from that, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 NFC is identical to the Xiaomi Smart Band 7.

The original version sells for €59.99 in the EU. Our guess is that the NFC variant should cost around €10 more.

Also look out for Xiaomi Mi Band 8 to land in the near future. It has already snagged a few regulatory body approvals.

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