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Xiaomi Mi Band 8 snags another certification as it nears launch, first pics

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 has just snagged another regulatory certification, this time from the NRRA (National Radio Research Agency) in South Korea. The paperworks gives us the first real-world glimpse of the upcoming device.

For years, the Chinese tech giant has dominated the wearable tech industry with its low-cost but feature-rich fitness trackers. Following the success of the Xiaomi Band 7 and Xiaomi Band 7 Pro, rumors are now circulating about the next-generation fitness tracker, the Xiaomi Band 8.

The wearable is expected to go on sale in the weeks or months head, quite possibly alongside the Xiaomi Watch S2. Both have recently received regulatory approval in the form of a TDRA certificate. That didn’t give much insight into what can be expected by this latest regulatory approval does.

First real-world pics of Xiaomi Mi Band 8

The latest info was first revealed on Twitter by Simranpal Singh. It comes from the South Korean NRRA.

As part of the paperwork, there are a couple of real-world images of Xiaomi Mi Band 8. This shows that the device will adopt the same capsule-like shape of its predecessor.

The dimensions of the wearable also appear to be unchanged. So they should come in around 46.5 x 20.7 x 12.25mm. It would have been pointless to increase the size any further. The wearable is quite large for a fitness band, as it is.

One notable change is that Xiaomi Mi Band 8 will have a two-piece detachable band. This is the type of strap found on the majority of fitness trackers and smartwatches and it features a pin mechanism for swapping bands. It is a slight improvement over the previous generation of Xiaomi fitness trackers, which had a single piece strap that allowed you to pop the main unit out of the band.

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The Xiaomi Band 8’s model number is M2239B1. The listing also reveals Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, which will increase the range and stability of the connection. And that’s pretty much it for this latest regulatory filing’s information. Which means the Xiaomi Band 8’s remaining details remain a mystery.

Possible features, release date

Previous rumours suggested that the upcoming wearable will have a larger display. According to the photos, it appears unlikely that we will get an increase from the current 1.62 inches.

The Mi Band 7’s all-screen front appears to be here to stay. There are no indications in the images that the Mi Band 8 has a physical button like some of the earlier generations. As a result, you’ll almost certainly have to rely on the touchscreen to navigate the menus.

It is interesting that there have been no leaks about a Pro variant this year. Apart from its larger size, the main difference between it and the vanilla version is that it has built-in GPS. Perhaps in 2023, this type of functionality will be included on the standard variant of the Mi Band.

Beyond that expect stonking battery life, once again, along with 5 ATM water-resistance. Possibilities for new sensors include an altimeter for floors climbed and a skin temperature sensor. An NFC chip that works for contactless payments globally would also be nice.

The regulatory certifications for Mi Band 8 are coming in thick and fast. In previous years the wearable would typically drop in May or June. This year it looks like it will be arriving a bit earlier.

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